Cocaine in the kids’ room

Mother accused of dealing cocaine; 2 kids removed:

This story is all sorts of involved.

Police in Keizer, Oregon executed a search warrant on the home of 40-year-old Catalina Mendoza Cervantes. What they found were her two children, ages 8 and 12, while she was working her McJob. Now before you jump all over me about the plight of the single mother police also found cocaine in the kids’ room and scales and packing materials used in the selling of cocaine. There were also lit candles burning in the house that left burn marks on the ceiling.

Someone tipped off Cervantes that the po-po were at her house and she fled from her job. When police contacted her on the phone she said she wasn’t coming back to her place even though her kids were there. Police eventually caught up with her and arrested her on drug charges among others.

The kids are in state custody.

Thanks to Calvena for the tip.