Quebec children killed in failed murder-suicide

Que. woman charged with murder in children’s deaths:

36-year-old Cathy Gauthier-Lachance of the Saguenay region Quebec was arrested in connection with the deaths of her 3 children and her husband. There has been no motive for the killings but both parents had recently lost their jobs. It’s alleged that this was supposed to have been a murder and suicide pact between Gauthier-Lachance and her husband 46-year-old Marc Laliberte.

The RCMP have said that the children, 12-year old Joelle, 7-year old Marc-Ange and 4-year old Louis-Philippe, died from either suffocation or poisoning. Both Laliberte and Gauthier-Lachance had stab wounds.

I still don’t get why when people are having financial difficulties they feel the need to punish their children for their own failures. If you want to kill yourselves go alone. Let the kids have a fighting chance at least.

Thanks to Anne for the tip.