Mugshots of the year

Cayce pair charged in child-neglect incident:

That handsome couple are Jeffrey Edward Nance, 47, and Rebecca Lynn Coleman, 41, of Cayce , South Carolina.

They’ve been arrested on child neglect charges after the children that they are guardians for, ages 3 and 4, were found outside for 7 hours in urine soaked clothes. Getting past the urine for a moment it’s currently hotter than hell here in the Carolinas. If these kids were outside of 7 hours straight it’s a miracle they didn’t die from heat exhaustion.

When police went to the residence they say the pair of Breeders were difficult to wake and that one of them said they had taken ‘prescription’ drugs.

But I really want to talk about the mugshots. First off for him, dude, you’re 47. Unless you’re in Night Ranger that haircut went out of style in 1985. And her? Oh my God. she’s only 41? I’m 41 and I look nowhere near that bad. I have elderly aunts that look to be in better condition. What prescription drug is she taking, Shovelinthefacetrex? That looks like some hard livin’ right there.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip.