Child porn found on pedophile’s Blackberry

Child porn pictures found on Blackberry:

I hate to shatter the illusion for everyone but in my day job I work as a customer service rep for a cell phone company. At least once a week I talk to somebody who is literally freaking out because they can’t access the pictures from their phone for whatever reason. Not just your typical 20-something woman who wants to upload her pictures from her last party to Facebook either. I’m talking about grown men who are acting like their life depends on being able to get to these pictures. Every time I have one of those conversations I always feel like I just spoke with a pedophile who lost his child porn.

28-year-old Ricky Randle of Albany, GA may have had one of those conversations with one of the CSRs from his cell phone company since 176 images of child porn were found on his BlackBerry. Most of the images were said to have been floating around child porn circles for a while but some of the images were ones that he allegedly took himself of local children. They didn’t have to look too far for him because he was already in jail for allegedly molesting a 4-year-old girl. He also allegedly took pictures of himself with the girl. Randle’s BlackBerry was turned into police by his girlfriend who discovered the pics.

Years ago when they first started adding cameras to cell phone I had a feeling that this may have been one of the drawbacks.

Here’s the thing. I don’t know if Randle was a registered sex offender but there are laws to keep sex offenders off of social sites like MySpace and Facebook. Are there any laws that keep camera phones out of the hands of sex offenders? And for that matter how can camera phones be kept out of the hands of non-registered six offenders?

Maybe this is something I need to keep an eye on.

Thanks to Nikia for the tip.