5-year-old boy beaten and chased with chainsaw

UPDATE: Beaten 5-year-old opens eyes Friday:

Father charged with beating 5-year-old son:

A 5-year-old boy from Jasper, Texas is in grave condition after receiving a beating so bad he coughed up blood and was allegedly chased by his father who was wielding a chainsaw. 24-year-old John Clyde Cornelius allegedly beat the boy over favoritism shown to the boy by his grandmother. Cornelius is said to have chased the boy with a chainsaw while the boy had an injured leg.

The boy is in serious condition. He’s on a ventilator, has had three surgeries and is fighting a MRSA infection.

Also arrested were 27 year old Jessie Lillian Waddell, she’s either the step-monster or vagina depending on which article you read, and 54-year-old Wanda Kay Macks, the vagina’s mother. They were arrested for failing to report child abuse.

Four other kids were taken from the home.

Thanks to Cassandra for the tip.