Meth smoking Breeders put baby in freezer

Chandler father accused of placing baby son in freezer:

Police: Chandler Man Puts Baby In Freezer:

Police in Chandler, Arizona arrested Leann and Chance Cracke, nice name, for injuring their 7-month-old son. It seems that Mr. Methe…I mean Cracke was tweaking on meth and was hungry and didn’t want to put the baby on the dirty floor. We’ll get to the floor in a second. So instead of putting the baby down he put him on the bottom shelf of the freezer. I’m guessing that whenever he found some food to put in his meth riddled body he forgot about the baby and closed the freezer door. After a few minutes the Breeders heard the baby crying and got him out. The boy was said to have a bump and a cut from the freezer door. Police were called by the boy’s maternal grandmother.

Now back to the floor. The reason the floor was dirty was because it was covered in c*ckroaches, urine and the pre-requisite feces. No word yet if the feces was dog or human. There was also a rusty razor blade just laying around along with several open containers of tobacco spit.

The Breeders’ 19-month-old daughter was also removed from the house because of burns and bruises found on her.

The Crackes allegedly admitted to smoking meth every day for a month and a half.

I still can’t comprehend why scum that have children would inject this toxic substance into their bodies. You would think with two young children they already weren’t getting enough sleep.

Thanks to Susan for the tip.

Brian Mark Hopf poked the eye of his infant daughter among other atrocities


25-year-old Brian Mark Hopf of Chandler, AZ is accused of dropping his three-week-old daughter and poking her in the eye but it doesn’t end there.

He claims he poked the girl in the eye by accident and thet she cried so hard she stopped breathing. That didn’t explain the head trauma. When confronted with that Hopf then told police that he tripped and fell and the injuries occured when the baby hit a door jamb.

That sounds just like the excuse that souse abusers use. “Tell them the door hit you.”

The girl has three skull fractures and four fractured ribs. But what can’t be explained away by a door is that he had anal tearing consistent with sexual abuse.

Unfortunately the girl is not expected to survive.

The article also mentions that Hopf is a tweaker. I wish there was an ingredient in meth that made people sterile.

Thanks to Susan for the tip.

Breeder and Boyfriend arrested on abuse charges

Police: Man threw Chandler toddler on concrete floor:

Mom arrested in child abuse case:

Police in Chandler, Arizona have arrested 20-year-old birth organism Josefa Talavera and her bad boyfriend/illegal immigrant 21-year-old Jeremias Joel Aguilar. Aguilar, who looks like Zippy the Pinhead in his mugshot, is accused of throwing Talavera’s 2-year-old daughter down on a concrete floor on her head. As far as I’ve found the girl is still on life support in the hospital. It seems like in most of these cases he got angry at the girl when she wouldn’t stop crying.

When the girl was taken to the hospital the pair said that the girl had fallen. Apparently she must have fallen on a carton of lit Newports because she also had multiple cigarette burns in her body.

Aguilar also had a history of abusing Talavera as well.

I know I’m preaching to the choir here but Ladies, if your ‘man’ hits you or your child he’s never going to stop.

Thanks to Amaze for the tip.