Murder charges for python death in Florida

Report: No trial date in python killing:

Back in July I posted about how the 8-foot Burmese Python that belonged to 32-year-old Charles Jason Darnell got out and squeezed his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter to death.

At that time I posted that the only charges Darnell was facing was not having a permit for the snake. It seems a lot as happened since then because not only is Darnell facing a murder charge but so is the girl’s mother, Ashley Hare.

Personally I am glad that they are bothy facing murder charges. Leaving an 8 foot python basically unguarded is like leaving a loaded gun just laying around except it’s usually a slower and much more painful death for its victim.

Thanks to Dawn for the update.

Bad Boyfriend’s 8-foot python kills 2-year-old

Officials: Escaped pet python strangled Fla. child:

Only second to the pit bull in terms of trailer dwelling pets is the snake. Usually some kind of python or constrictor.

In this case it was an 8-foot Burmese Python that escaped from it’s impenetrable confinement of a plastic bag and a terrarium and squeezed a 2-year-old Oxnard, Florida girl to death.

The snake’s owner is 32-year-old Charles Jason Darnell, the girl’s mother’s boyfriend. Of course he did not have the proper permit to own the python. So far Darnell has only been charged with owning a snake without a permit.

I’m sorry but the only people I’ve ever known that owned snakes like pythons and constrictors are guys with mullets, 70’s mustaches and revoked driving privileges.

These animals are known to kill and eat prey that is many times their own size. If you have small kids owning an 8-foot python is not a good idea. If you do own one get rid of it and not just by releasing it into the wild.

Thanks to Misty and Catbert Pam for the tip.