15-year-old girl shot at Cape Fear High School

Ta'von McLaurin

Ta’von McLaurin

Charges filed in Cape Fear High shooting; victim in critical condition Tuesday:

2 teens arrested in school shooting at Cape Fear High in N.C.; Girl, 15, shot as she ate lunch:

15-year-old Catilyn Abercrombie was shot yesterday while eating lunch outside Cape Fear High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The bullet struck her in the neck and the bullet is lodged against her spine. She is currently in critical condition. My thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family.

Two suspects have been arrested in her shooting. The triggerman is said to be an unnamed 15-year-old who allegedly shot Catilyn with a .22 rifle. Also arrested was 18-year-old Ta’von McLaurin for aiding and abetting. Police say the pair were caught on camera going through the halls of the school with the .22 rifle.

Now granted that a .22 is not the largest rifle in the world but it’s still a rifle. How in the hell did no notice these cowards going through the halls of the school with a rifle until after the fact?

Catilyn is not believed to be the target and locals say that there has been a gang problem in the school.

Between gangs, bullying, violence and sex related crimes I think we’ll see the demise of public schools within a generation or two. When a school says they have a gang problem it’s a failure between the school, police and most importantly the parents for allowing this to happen.

No word yet on whether the juvenile will be charged as an adult but by all rights he should be.

I’ll post more as detail’s become available and time allows.

Thanks to my lovely and talented wife Jade for the tip.

UPDATE 10/31/2011: The alleged 15-year-old shooter has been named. He is said to be Charles Underwood Jr. No word yet on if he has been charged as an adult.

UPDATE 10/7/2012: Underwood has been charged as an adult. No word on possible sentencing yet.

UPDATE 2/22/2013: Underwood has pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to 12 to 15 years. According to the article Underwood was trying to shoot someone else who had allegedly assaulted his cousin.