Only one thing caused the Charleston church shooting


I wasn’t going to blog about the horrible tragedy that happened at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. That was until I saw everyone and their grandmother blaming the shooting on everything that didn’t cause the bloodshed.

The shooting was not caused by gun laws, or the confederate flag (aka the traitor’s rag), or prescription medication. Before anyone even tries to claim so it wasn’t caused by bullying, video games or Autism either.

The shooting was caused by one ignorant and racist monster. To blame it on anything else lessens his own responsibility for his actions.

May he rot in hell.

South Carolina gets its very own craigslist killers

Police: Man murdered after meeting suspects via craigslist to sell truck:

Sheriff: Craigslist deal led to murder of CofC student:

Williams and Scott

25-year-old Alex Apps of Beaufort, South Carolina did what they say you should do when doing business on craigslist. Apps was trying to sell his truck and he met the potential buyers in public, during the day and even brought his mom with him. None of that prevented him from being killed and having his body dumped in nearby Mount Pleasant.

His alleged attackers are 20-year-old Isaac Williams and 19-year-old Jquan Scott who police say met Apps in Charleston to discuss selling the truck. Apps told his mother to go home since the pair weren’t buying the truck that day. During a test drive Scott allegedly shot Apps in the head before the pair dumped his body. When Scott was arrested he was driving Apps truck according to police.

In one of the articles I linked to local police gave some tips on staying safe when selling stuff on craigslist. However I can do one better. If you don’t want to get killed selling something on craigslist then DON’T SELL ANYTHING ON CRAIGSLIST. Yes I know the amount of violent crime that happens through craigslist is a very small percentage of the millions of transactions that take place on craigslist. I still don’t care for those odds.

UPDATE 5/27/2015: In a surprise turn Scott has pleaded guilty ahead of his June 1st trial.

Scott faces 30 years to life on the murder charge, a minimum of 10 years for armed robbery, a maximum sentence of 30 years for kidnapping and a maximum sentence of five years for possession of a firearm during a violent crime.

Williams’ trial is set for later this summer.

UPDATE 9/2/2015: Scott was sentenced to life without parole while Williams was convicted and sentenced to 40 years.

Cause of death determined for Rodricus Williams

Autopsy confirms toddler died of head trauma:

I originally posted about Rodricus Williams here and here. He was the two-year-old boy who was reported to have fallen in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina by his Breeder Roger Anthony Williams and his skankbag Grace Nichole Trotman. Instead Rodricus’ body was found behind an abandoned trailer encased in a trash can with 400 pounds of concrete.

Just last week the coroner’s report was released which revealed that Rodricus died from blunt force trauma to the head. The Breeder and his seminal receptacle are claiming that Rodricus died from a health issue. That blunt force trauma must have magically appearede then. Kind of like the immaculate hematoma.

Thanks to MayQPanic for the tip.

DNA confirms ID of boy found in concrete

Coroner: Body found in concrete that of SC child:

I originally posted about Rodricus Williams here. He was the 2-year-old boy from South Carolina who was reported that he had fallen into Charleston Harbor but his body was actually found encased in 400 pounds of concrete.

DNA tests have confirmed that the body was in fact that of Rodricus Williams.

Rodricus’ male Breeder, Roger Anthony Williams, and his girlfriend, Grace Nichole Trotman, have both been arrested in connection with Rodricus’ body being found.

Thanks to Jennifer for the update.

Duct taped child in WV leads to arrest of three

Child Duct Taped and Forced to Sleep in Child Safety Seat, Police Say:

W.Va. adults arrested for duct-taping boy:

In Charleston, West Virginia (no comment) three people have been arrested in a case of child abuse.

James Usher and Della Jackson were watching the two-year-old son of Jessica McClure. Allegedly Usher thought it would be a a good idea to duct tape the child probably to make it easier to keep an eye on him.

Police say the boy’s ankles where taped together, his arms were taped to his body, and his mouth was duct taped shut.

They must have thought this was such a good idea that they allegedly took a picture of the boy.

Luckily someone saw the photo and reported it to authorities. Usher and Jackson were arrested but the story doesn’t end there.

Jessica McClure was also arrested because the investigation uncovered that McClure allegedly made the boy sleep in the child safety seat in the floor AND the residence was filled with trash, roaches (the crawly kind) and the ever present animal feces.

I’m still amazed that not one, not two but three people who feel it’s ok to abuse a child find each other.

Thanks to Angie for the tip.

WV woman tries selling infant for apartment

WVa mother charged with trying to sell infant son:

19-year-old Rebecca Sue Taylor of Charleston, WV was arrested for trying to sell her 5-month-old son so she could get money for a new apartment. She tried selling the baby for $10K but later cut the price to $5K. Ho9w considerate of her.

Allegedly Taylor claimed that she had not bonded with her own son and needed the money to get a new apartment.

Something tells me she had no intention of ever bonding with the baby.

I used to hear stories about women who were giving their baby up for adoption or were a surrogate mother who change their minds and decide to keep the baby at the last minute. This is the exact opposite of that.

I would also lay odds that this was another case of parenting getting in the way of partying.

Thanks to Meggan for the tip.