Charlotte man killed during LetGo transaction

Charlotte man killed during LetGo transaction

(Story broke 6/19/2017)

21-year-old Zack Finch was shot and killed on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, on Father’s day while trying to buy a cell phone. Zack was using the classifieds app LetGo which has been involved in at least two other murders in its short life. Much like the recent craigslist killing of Brian Brown in Florida, Zack Finch was another athlete who had a bright future ahead of him. Instead he was gunned down by greedy cowards looking to make a fast buck regardless of the cost of life.

As I’ve said before, the old rules to making these transactions don’t apply anymore as Zack was shot in broad daylight in public. If you insist on using any of these classifieds sites or apps, please meet the other person involved at a police station. Most police stations now have areas set up specifically for these transactions.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Zack’s funeral expenses.

So far no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call 704-432-TIPS and speak to a homicide detective.

My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to the friends and family of Zack Finch.

UPDATE 7/21/2017: Two unnamed 15-year-old have been arrested and charged with Zack Finch’s murder. Police say it appeared that there was no struggle and Zack Finch was simply shot on sight.

UPDATE 1/9/2018: One of the 15-year-olds, Jahzion Wilson, has been charged as an adult with Zachary Finch’s murder. Also charged was another unnamed 15-year-old and 17-year-old Demonte McCain.

School suspends 20+ students for liking Instagram post about school shooting

School suspends 20 students for liking Instagram post about school shooting

At a prep school in Charlotte, North Carolina, two idiot teens posted a picture to the photo sharing app Instagram that said “(School name) gon have a school shooter one day.” Other than that, there was really nothing threatening about the picture. It was just two kids standing there in what appears to be a parking lot. Neither kid looked all that threatening.

The problem came when 20-some other students of the school gave the picture a like on Instagram. Because of that, the school suspended the students that liked the picture.

Of course since personal responsibility died some time ago, some of the parents of the suspended students are up in arms.

“None of us are happy with the decision,” said the parent. “We feel like this is going to follow our kids.”

She claims the school said that the suspension for endorsing the threat will stay on her daughters’ record until she graduates.

“Twenty plus students could’ve learned a lesson today, not necessarily been sent out of school for three days”.


There’s another lesson that could have been taught from this incident, the lesson that actions have consequences, even on trivial social media posts. Your kid probably wasn’t getting into Harvard anyway.

Charlotte 10-year-old solicited through Kik


A 10-year-old girl from right here in Charlotte, North Carolina, had a pornographic image sent to her through the instant messaging app Kik. No arrests have been made but the suspect allegedly posed as a 15-year-old named Steven.

In case you needed more incentive to find out what apps are on your kids’ phones this should be it as Kik is a known refuge for pedophiles and sex offenders. No 10-year-old needs to be on Kik.

Former death row inmate charged with murder

Joseph “Shabaka” Brown

Joseph “Shabaka” Brown

Man accused of killing wife caught in Charleston:

First I want to thank local Charlotte NBC affiliate WCNC for sharing this story with me on my Google+ page. WCNC’s can be found here.

62-year-old Joseph “Shabaka” Brown was 15 hours from being executed in Florida during 1983. Brown had been convicted of raping and murdering the wife of a prominent Florida attorney. His conviction was overturned when a witness retracted his statement and forensic evidence was hidden by prosecutors.

After all that a lot of Brown’s friends are shocked to learn that he’s been arrested in the murder of his 71-year-old wife Mamie Caldwell Brown. Mrs. Brown was murdered Thursday night and Brown was captured in Charleston, South Carolina on Friday. The victim was said to have been beaten with a blunt object and stabbed during a fight.

This brings up a point that I’ve been wanting to talk about for a while but haven’t had the inclination until now. Whenever someone like Brown is released from death row the popular impression is that they were an outstanding citizen who were railroaded. I would say that in the overwhelming majority of these cases the convicted are usually just as criminal and violent as the crimes they’ve been accused of. Also in most of these cases where convictions are overturned it usually turns out that the evidence wasn’t strong enough to convict someone, not that they’re completely innocent.

So while Brown may or may have not killed the woman in Florida no one should be surprised that he allegedly killed his wife.

Ohio runaway killed in Charlotte by Facebook 'friend'

Aerial Patterson

Aerial Patterson

Warren Teen Runaway Murdered in North Carolina:

Mother says her daughter was set up during fatal robbery:

17-year-old Aerial Patterson of Warren, Ohio was a habitual runaway. Her family did everything they could by all accounts to stop her from running away. Unfortunately Aerial was murdered in Charlotte, NC two weekends ago.

Allegedly Aerial was lured to Charlotte by 23-year-old Eddie Doh through Facebook. While in Charlotte police believe that Aerial was killed by Doh and Nicholas Wright in a robbery. Aerial’s mother believes that she was killed by Doh and Wright in order to cover up another crime committed by the pair.

This story defies all my usual warnings about social networks since the family did all they could to keep Aerial safe so this time I guess I have to address the teen’s who may be thinking about running away.

If someone you know on Facebook is trying to get you to run away the chances are great that they wish to do you harm in someway whether it be sexually or physically. There are resources and organizations out there designed to help with someone in your situation. Seek them out first before doing anything rash. You may think what happened to Aerial won’t happen to you but odds are that it will.

Breeder sexually abuses baby for bondage boyfriend

Enos and McDougald

Couple arrested for sexually abusing a one year old girl:

Mother, N.C. man charged with sexual abuse of 1-year-old:

As I’ve said before on some of my other websites I know a lot of people who are into BDSM relationships. It’s not my cup of tea but it seems to work for most of the couples that I know that are into it. However the couples that I know don’t introduce one of their kids into it.

Not so for 35-year-old Darlene Enos of Charlotte, North Carolina. Police say that she met 41-year-old Vincent McDougald on a bondage website. McDougald is said to have traveled from Laurinburg, NC to Charlotte to meet up with Enos. That’s where they say that McDougald raped Enos’ 1-year-old daughter.

McDougald allegedly admitted to another woman that he met on Yahoo that he did these things to the girl. Luckily the other woman contacted authorities. He allegedly used the screen name of BlkDominNC.

Police say that not only did Enos admit that McDougald raped his daughter but that she took place in the rape as well.

Again I have to ask how does someone ask someone who they barely know to have sex with their child and why in the blue hell would the birth organism say yes? Is your life that fucking empty that you’re in such need of a vag-filler that you would allow him to rape your 1-year-old daughter. Why the fuck would you agree to that?

What ‘they’ should do to her is they should make her feel like her daughter did when she was raped but I doubt they would find anything big enough to be bigger than her gaping maw of a diseased snatch.

Local Breeder leaves kids out in the cold

Lastaria Brown

Last week here in Charlotte, NC it was colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. I’m from up north so when I say it’s cold it’s cold.

Apparently that didn’t matter to Lastaria Brown (how do you even pronounce that?) of West Charlotte who was arrested last week on child neglect charges. It seems her 3-year-old and 18-month old were found out in the 20 something degree (F) weather in just their diapers. An 11-month-old (do the math on that one) was found to be inside the home. I couldn’t find word on where Ms. Brown was at the time but I’m hoping she wasn’t getting her hair done and if she was she needs to get her money back.

Brown was arrested back in June for similar charges when she allegedly left the kids home alone then. No word on why Brown still had the kids.

Thanks to our own Deena for the tip.

Demeatrius Montgomery found guilty

CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark

CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark

Emotional courtroom as Montgomery found guilty:

Lat last week here in Charlotte Demeatrius Montgomery was found guilty in the shooting deaths of CMPD officers Jeff Shelton and Sean Clark. He was sentenced to two consecutive life terms. He was ruled ineligible for the death penalty after an improper handling of evidence by another CMPD officer.

Montgomery’s grandmother said that he was a ‘sweet boy’ and did not receive a fair trial.

I’m curious to see how he supposedly did not receive a fair trial and I’m guessing that we won’t have long to wait since an appeal is already underway. But again unfortunately Officers Clark and Shelton can not appeal their unwarranted death sentences.

Charlotte cop killer won’t get death penalty because of notes

CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark

CMPD Officers Shelton and Clark

Judge rules Montgomery won’t face death penalty:

As most of us who live in the Queen City know Demeatrius Montgomery is accused of shooting and killing Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton in 2007. Montgomery’s trial started this week in Charlotte.

In what should have been a perfect case of someone deserving the death penalty a judge ruled that Montgomery won’t dance with the needle because of a police officer’s notes. Officer Arvin Fant admitted that he had thrown out notes in regards to the investigation however he says that he re-wrote the notes to make them neater.

To me that sounds like no big deal but I am a mere civilian. If I have any readers that are in law enforcement I ask you is this really a big deal? Montgomery’s defense attorney wanted the charges dropped over this but what do you expect from a criminal defense attorney?

Charlotte toddlers killied in home alone fire

Mother charged after toddlers killed in fire:

Mother of dead children had been charged before:

This is how bad it is for me working at ‘The Sweatshop’. I live in Charlotte but since I work second shift I had to hear this story from someone who doesn’t even live around here. At least I don’t think she does. If she does Jade and myself will have to get together for a beer.

Anyway, 26-year-old Orgal Paulette Opata of Charlotte, NC left four of her children home alone. No word yet on what the reason was she left the house but that’s neither here nor there. What is here and there is that the kids were left home alone with a kerosene heater.

I’ve never been a big fan of kerosene heaters. Personally I think their two dangerous to keep in a house. I just think they’re bombs waiting to go off but that’s just me. However even if I did have one in the house you would have to be potentially brain dead to leave one running in the house with four unsupervised children.

Neighbors were able to save two of the children but Josiah Hawthorne, 2, and Gabriel Hawthorne, 14 months, were unable to be rescued.

Opata has been charged with murder and was previously charged back in October for leaving kids home alone.

And as a public service here are some tips on using a kerosene heater safely.

You’ll notice it says do not let children operate it.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.