California man charged with slashing infant’s scrotum

Father arrested in torture of 5-month-old son:

27-year-old Chaunecy Taylor of Hesperia, California was arrested for child abuse after doctors discovered that his 5-month-old son had a broken leg, bruises, head trauma and a cut scrotum. As usual doctors are smarter than ‘alleged’ child abusers.

They believe that the cut was not an accident as the wound appeared to be smooth. That would mean that this sick S.O.B. took some kind of cutting utensil, that at the very least he would have to dig out of his pocket, and cut the scrotum of his own flesh and blood.

Police also believe that the abuse took the entire span of the baby’s short life so far. Luckily the baby survived the torture. Too many that end up on this site do not.

Police believe that the mother inflicted none of the injuries. One would have to wonder how much knowledge of the abuse she had.

There was an episode of Mythbusters recently where they crashed a car into a razor sharp V-shaped snow plow.

In a prefect world this stunt would be recreated with this scumbag spread naked on the hood.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.