Food stamps and beer but no formula

logangardnerParents charged with starving baby to death:

2 Arrested After Baby Starves To Death:

25-year-old Tivasha Logan and 27-year-old Chauncey Gardner of Lakeland, Florida were arrested for starving their 5-moth-old old daughter, Chauntasia Gardner, to death.

Police were called to the house for a baby being unresponsive but it was too late. When police investigated the premises they found that there were five other kids in the house but were all fed normally. They also found that the couple were on food stamps and had beer in the house but only one container of baby formula. And it sounds like they were watering the formula down to make it last as long as possible.

No word on if there was a Playstation or plasma TV in the house.

Both Breeders have long arrest records and the sperm donor bragged at arrest that he fathered 10 kids. He probably thinks that’s manly. What’s really manly is taking care of your kids not seeing how mnay you can make.

Oh, was I getting preachy? I’m sorry. No, no I’m not.

Thanks to LadyJade and Marci for the tips.