UK woman abandons six kids to shack up with 18yo boyfriend

Mother abandons six children to be with son’s best friend, 18:

36-year-old Debbie Mallinson of England has abandoned her six children so she could shack up with her 18-year-old squeeze who just happened to be her 14-year-old son’s best friend.

Mallinson has six kids from 4 different fathers. Her 14-year-old son is now living with his grandparents and her 10-year-old has moved in with his father but the remaining four kids (ages 3-8) have been place with social services. Mallinson allegedly told social services that ‘she couldn’t cope’ anymore. That’s B.S.-speak for I don’t want the responsibility anymore.

She also allegedly told her kids that ‘I can’t help who I fall in love with’ before climbing out the window into an awaiting taxi. Classy.

But she says that she eventually wants to bring up her kids with her new squeeze but they just can’t afford it now. Here’s all you need to know about her new romantic interest…

But despite her passionate antics her unlikely Romeo still lists his relationship status as ‘single’ on social networking site Bebo.

On his webpage the keen rugby player boasts he is ‘happiest’ when out with his friends on the town, and ‘with sum1 special u no hu u r!’.

His lists his interests as ‘gettin twisted on the wekeends’ while he listens to rap and hip hop music.

They have a term in England for guys like him. They’re called chavs.

I get the feeling in about six months when he’s tried of her worthless ass she’ll be back out on the street.