Who killed Aaron Sweatt?

Aaron Sweat

3-month-old found unresponsive 

Chicago Heights Police investigate death of infant 

Look at the beautiful baby boy up there, can all of you mothers on here remember your little ones when they were this little?  I certainly can, I remember never wanting them to grow up and to not need me anymore.  I tell them now at 3 and 6 that I want them to be with me forever and that growing up and tired of mommy is not an option.  

 Well, that really is the case for 3-month-old Aaron Sweat.  Aaron’s mommy and daddy don’t have to worry about him growing up or needing them anymore because on January 13th he was found unresponsive in a Chicago Heights residence.  

On, Thursday January 13th the Chicago Heights Police received a call from DCFS regarding a 3-month-old boy who was being treated for injuries at Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital.  Little Aaron had suffered multiple rib fractures and hemorrhaging on the brain.  OMG, my heart is breaking, how, how, how could anyone hurt a baby like this.  I know after reading and writing for this site, it shouldn’t shock me, but I refuse to not be appalled by this no matter how many times I read or write it.  Aaron was pronounced dead at 12:17pm Friday January 14th.  

The Cook County Medical Examiner has ruled his death a homicide.  DCFS and the police are working together to investigate the case, but as of now no one has been arrested.  Both Aaron’s mother and father are being investigated for allegations of child abuse.  Although the parents are being investigated, DCFS has had no prior contact with the family.  Aaron’s mother told the news her son was not her care at the time of the incident and she has no idea what happened to him.  We’ll see how this plays out.  

The couple’s other child was removed from the home and placed with a relative. 

I couldn’t find a whole lot on this one, if any of you live in the area can send some information my way or have an update on whether an arrest has been made I would greatly appreciate it.  I cannot stand the thought of Aaron not getting justice. 

R.I.P. Aaron, wear your wings proudly baby boy, you earned them.