Florida methtards leave their kids in the woods

Michael and Sarah Butcher

Florida Parents Arrested After Abandoning Three Kids in the Woods:

30-year-olds Michael and Sarah Butcher were found by police in Punta Gorda, Florida, after parking in a private RV lot. Why were they parking there? Well, police say they found meth along with a needle and spoon in the glove box so I’m going to guess that they were looking to smoke meth. After the arrest the pair claimed to be brother and sister.

So this is BB so there has to be kids involved right? So were the kids in the truck while Uncle Daddy and Aunt Mommy smoked meth? Don’t be ridiculous. Only real lowlifes do that. In this case the Butchers allegedly abandoned their kids, ages 10, 8, and 6, in the woods and drove off so they could smoke meth. They supposedly did it like the assholes who dump their dogs. They took them out to the woods, told them go play, then hauled ass out of there. It wasn’t until police received a call about wandering hungry kids that anything was done about them. I guess the Butcher ‘siblings’ didn’t think to tell police to help their kids. Of course they didn’t. That would only get them in more trouble, which there in now, so I guess they’re plan really didn’t work that well.

If I had Walter White-like chemistry skills I’d make a super-meth that would make the tweakers’ heads literally explode. Quicker than rehab and no strain on the taxpayers.

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Mother Murders Toddler for Attention

(Trench’s note: I apologize not only to the readers of BB but the writers as well for my recent prolonged absence. Also thanks to Songbird for the write up.)

Gemma Killeen

Gemma Killeen

Mum Gemma Gaye Killeen charged with murder after toddler drowns:

Gemma Gaye Killeen claims son’s murder was a bid for attention gone wrong:

Gemma Killeen: mother to murderer:

Struggle ends in son’s death:

As I scroll through the news articles, memorial pages, tributes, other sad and unfortunate stories. The one thing that is redundantly clear is that losing a child in any manner is tragic heart wrenching, soul crushing event. One never truly can or wants to understand how profoundly devastating it is to lose a child. Whether it’s your own, your nephew or niece, or many friends children that we count as part of our own “mob” to use Australian slang. Each one of us is precious and valued, our children, our fire, our passion and what truly makes our life’s worth experiencing. For all the horrible things in life, children seem to balance out the Universes scales.

As parents, particularly mothers it becomes our responsibility from the moment we become aware of a pregnancy, loving the life growing inside your body, throughout out our various journeys we all make sacrifices, decisions for our own life’s that affect our children’s. We make decisions directly affecting our children, from their haircuts, to their clothing, to which school they attend. Most parents approach these important decisions with what’s in their child’s best interest at heart. We all have differing opinions on raising children, there are many-a-mummy blog, where you can find varying types of parenting styles. We all have different views on what we find acceptable for our children; we are entitled to raise our children with within these variations of what society deems appropriate. There are some decision’s you will make as a parent some people will not agree with, due to their own personal beliefs or standards, or because the deemed by the majority of society you have made an error in judgment; your decision, for whatever reason is of no benefit to your child, in fact that decision causes detriment. Sometimes these errors in judgment can be minor or sometimes they can be horrendous.

On the 25th of November 2011, Gemma Killeen spent the early part of the day sunbathing at her mother’s home; she also shopped and attended a manicure appointment. At around 5pm that evening she sent texts messages to Eddie Wetere, the father of their son Te Reringa Keyden Ashley Wetere. These texts messages, asking Mr. Wetere when he would be home from work, went unanswered. There are reports the couple had argued the night before after Miss Killeen’s late arrival home from a night out. Upon receiving no response from her on-again-off again lover and the father of her 22 month-old-son Te Reringa, Killeen drove her car and her son to Hillary’s Boat Harbour in Western Australia.

CCTV footage shown in court, has Killeen entering the car park and at approximately 5:30pm. A text message sent to Mr. Wetere went unanswered, Gemma Killeen removed Te Reringa from his car seat and walked with him to the water’s edge where she left him. She returned to her car and drove to the car park at the opposite end of the harbour.

She began making calls to relatives, telling them Te Reringa had been taken or lost. She continued to call and text message Mr. Wetere saying it was urgent. She claimed someone had taken Te Reringa from his pram, while she filled a bottle or got something from the car.

The search began for Te Reringa, at around 6:25pm a couple spotted what they thought was a doll in the water. After the man retrieved Te Reringa from the water he started CPR. The ambulance arrived and transported Te Reringa to hospital where he received his angel wings. 22 months old, and one month short of Christmas Day, it would have been the first he was old enough to experience.


Gemma has stated that she never intended to kill her son by placing him on the rocks at Hillary’s; that she was seeking attention from her lover and Te Reringas’ father by putting their precious child on those rocks, with nowhere else to go, but into water, by walking back to her car, starting it up, driving away. Take a look at those rocks in that photo, and the water, can you picture a 2-year-old boy abandoned?


I don’t know why the fuck she thought this decision was appropriate or in the best interests of her child or why she would consider using her child in a ploy like this to gain attention from Mr. Wetere. Clearly he’d had enough of her shit and wasn’t playing the text message games anymore. Unfortunately for him, and the rest of Te Reringas’ family, Gemma’s attention seeking, narcissistic tendencies and selfish wants, exceeded her need or desire to be a mother, or a decent human being.

And in all those moments she began telling lies, for more attention I can only assume, she wasted vital moments she could have used to change the outcome, to save her child’s life, realize her stupidity and foolish actions before it cost Te Reringa his life.

Instead of being so self-absorbed and demanding attention from a man who clearly couldn’t or didn’t want to answer you why not get excited for Christmas and the second birthday Te Reringa and his family were looking forward to, or getting him home and sorting dinner?

Gemma Killeen murdered her son, she set him upon steep rocks and left him alone to drown in Hillary’s Boat Harbour.

Gemma Gaye Killeen, plead guilty in the murder of Te Reringa Wetere and is serving 13 years to life in prison.

Rest Peacefully Little Man

Te Reringa Wetere

Te Reringa Wetere

Breeder leaves child behind after fleeing from store security

LaQuinta Latrice Kemp

HPD: Shoplifting mom abandons 1-year-old in Macy’s to flee police:

Police in Houston, Texas arrested LaQuinta Latrice Kemp after she fled a Macy’s after allegedly being caught shoplifting. While making her escape police say that she hit a store employee and left a stroller behind that contained her 1-year-old son. Did I mention that this took place on Christmas Eve. I guess she should have gotten her Christmas shoplifting done early but I’m guessing she wasn’t looking for presents for others. At least she’s gone upscale from most of the shoplifting stories we get.

And while I’m at it what the hell kind of name is LaQuinta? Does she have siblings named Red Roof and Motel 6? Maybe she was named after where she was conceived.

Not surprisingly she has a previous record for burglary. She can now add a charge of child abandonment to her resume.

Thanks to Laura for the tip.

Breeder leaves kid home for 5 hours while ‘at the doctor’

Seriously. What's up with the eyebrows?

Florida Mother Arrested After 4-Year-Old Son, Left Home Alone, Calls 911:

Boy, 4, left home alone:

Sharpie McEyebrows over there is 25-year-old Jocelyn Villot of Deltona, Florida. Unlike West Virginia I do have an actual grudge against the state of Florida but that’s neither here no there. Villot was arrested after allegedly leaving her 4-year-old son home alone for 5 hours.

Villot told her son that she was going to the doctor and to pick up beer. After a while the 4-year-old called 911 looking for his mom. Police say that Villot was at a local pharmacy trying to fill a prescription that had no signature on it.

Trench has a theory on this. It sounds like to me that she went shopping from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to see if they would fill the unsigned script. No word on what it was for but Trench’s guess is that it contained the term oxy in it and I don’t mean OxyClean even though it looks like she could use some of that too.

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Baby Crystal’s mom arrested

katiestocktonWoman pleads not guilty over Baby Crystal:

Special report: Mom arrested in ‘Baby Crystal’ case:

Baby Crystal Suspect Says Not Guilty:

28-year-old Katie Stockton has been charged with abandoning her newborn on the side of the road near her parents’ house in December of 2004 where the baby died.

The baby was named baby Crystal by police because her body was found on a crystal clear night.

The baby’s body was discovered when Stockton’s sister called police to say that their dog found a bloody piece of clothing.

After Stockton’s car was impounded investigators found two more sets of skeletal remains that are believed to be children.

Stockton has pleaded not guilty however she is eligible for the death penalty.

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UK woman abandons six kids to shack up with 18yo boyfriend

Mother abandons six children to be with son’s best friend, 18:

36-year-old Debbie Mallinson of England has abandoned her six children so she could shack up with her 18-year-old squeeze who just happened to be her 14-year-old son’s best friend.

Mallinson has six kids from 4 different fathers. Her 14-year-old son is now living with his grandparents and her 10-year-old has moved in with his father but the remaining four kids (ages 3-8) have been place with social services. Mallinson allegedly told social services that ‘she couldn’t cope’ anymore. That’s B.S.-speak for I don’t want the responsibility anymore.

She also allegedly told her kids that ‘I can’t help who I fall in love with’ before climbing out the window into an awaiting taxi. Classy.

But she says that she eventually wants to bring up her kids with her new squeeze but they just can’t afford it now. Here’s all you need to know about her new romantic interest…

But despite her passionate antics her unlikely Romeo still lists his relationship status as ‘single’ on social networking site Bebo.

On his webpage the keen rugby player boasts he is ‘happiest’ when out with his friends on the town, and ‘with sum1 special u no hu u r!’.

His lists his interests as ‘gettin twisted on the wekeends’ while he listens to rap and hip hop music.

They have a term in England for guys like him. They’re called chavs.

I get the feeling in about six months when he’s tried of her worthless ass she’ll be back out on the street.

Two Helena Bad Breeders for the price of one

Mothers arrested in separate incidents:

For this pair of stories we go to the wilds of Montana where lumberjacks wrestle moose…or something.

Actually we go to the capital of Montana, Helena. Recently there they had a night where two different birth organisms were arrested for various crimes against their children. Luckily the children were unharmed.

First up is 41-year-old Lisa Perdue who was allegedly caught breaking into a house by the homeowner. She had her 2-year-old son in the car when she made the getaway. When police finally caught up with her she tried taking a handful of pills. I would assume in a bid to either commit suicide or just get a nice stay in the hospital before she got hauled off to the pen. She was already on probation.

The second story brings us one 33-year-old Michelle Leigh McCauley. She spent two hours in a bar being unruly while she had a baby monitor in her possession. The 6-month-old baby was down the street in a motel room, out of range of the baby monitor. She gave police a false name while they were investigating.

I can honestly say these are two of the more ‘entertaining’ stories we’ve had on here in a while. The kids were unharmed and we get to make fun of two trashy Breeders. If Montana keeps supplying us with stories like this they may just become my favorite state.

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

Abandoned baby found in beer bottle strewn motel room

Newborn Left Alone At Motel:

Tara Anderson, believed to be mother of baby abandoned in West Springfield, hospitalized; faces new arraignment date:

EXCLUSIVE: Friend of Mother Arrested For Abandoning Baby Speaks:

A couple found a newborn baby left alone in a West Springfield, Mass. hotel room. The umbilical cord and placenta were present. The newborn was surrounded by sheets covered in blood. The room itself was littered with beer bottles and drug paraphernalia. No one else was in the room.

Eventually authorities tracked down who they believe to be the birth organism. That would be 37-year-old Tara Anderson of no fixed address.

Anderson’s friend, Julio Reyes, claims they didn’t abandon the baby.

Reyes says Anderson didn’t abandon her baby, but left her with a caretaker. “She left it with someone responsible, but I can’t say who,” said Reyes.

He says Anderson has been staying with him in Holyoke since just after she gave birth. Reyes says she didn’t go to police because she already had a warrant out for her arrest. “All I know is she did what was right for her not to get into trouble,” said Reyes.

So let me get this straight. Some people, including a pregnant woman, were drinking and doing drugs in a motel room, she gives birth in said motel room, then leaves the baby allegedly with someone else while she leaves the hotel for some reason? Have you ever heard of anyone going to a motel room purposely to give birth that didn’t abandon the baby?

Thanks to Danielle for the tip.

1-year-old survives night in the wilds of Canada

1-year-old boy in T-shirt, diaper survives night in woods:

An unidentified man from Quebec was arrested on charges of child abandonment after his 1-year-old son spent a night in the woods wearing just a diaper and a t-shirt in rainy 5C weather.

Police found the man’s car empty and later caught up with him at a hospital. Of course the man had been drinking.

Luckily the boy was ok.

Thanks to Anne for the tip.

Woman leaves kids at the side of the road

Police: Mom Ordered Daughters Out, Drove Off:

When I was a kid my dad used to threaten me and my brother that he would leave us at the side of the road if we wouldn’t behave. He never did of course but if he did drop us off 3 miles from home we would have been ok but that was decades ago. Times were different then.

Just recently 45-year-old Madlyn Primoff made good on her threat to leave her kids by the side of the road. She dumped her kids from the car 3 miles from their house in While Plains, NY. The kids are ages 10 and 12 and are both girls. Now today with the proliferation of child predators among other dangers you’d think she’d come to her senses before throwing her kids out of the car. Not to mention the fact that she works at a Manhattan law firm.

Now she’s been temporarily barred from seeing her own kids. How did that work out for you?

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