Craigslist creeper brought child to sex meet up

Craigslist creeper brought child to sex meet up

James Taylor

25-year-old James Taylor, of Quechee, Vermont, thought he had a friend (see what I did there) in a 15-year-old girl he was allegedly meeting for sex through craigslist. Instead, it turned out to be the police from West Lebanon, New Hampshire. The West Lebanon police received a tip about a craigslist ad that appeared to be posted by someone looking for underage children. Police posed as a 15-year-old girl and set up a meeting with Taylor at a baseball field. To the surprise of even the police, Taylor is said to have had his two-year-old child in tow with him when he was set to meet the girl at a baseball field.

Taylor has been charged with both child solicitation and child endangerment. The child is now in custody of the child’s mother. But honestly, who takes their kid to an illegal sex meet up with a teenager? Your typical craigslist creeper, that’s who. Sadly this is not the first instance of one of these cretins bringing their kids with them to something like this, and until craigslist decides to start monitoring its ads for creeps like this it won’t be the last.

Union Leader
Vermont Standard

Topeka murder was over terms of lease

Topeka murder was over terms of lease

Anthony Darcy

I previously posted about the murder of Stephen Snyder in Topeka, Kansas, here. At the time I wondered if it was yet another craigslist killing since Snyder bought the house from his alleged killer on craigslist. While the purchase of the house through craigslist has been confirmed, craigslist had nothing to do with the murder.

Recently, an affidavit was made public that detailed what police believe to be the actual motive behind the murder. Mr. Snyder did indeed buy the house 81-year-old Anthony Darcy was living in. Mr. Snyder allowed Darcy to live in the house for two weeks providing Snyder could come to the house when he wanted in order to make preparations for moving in.

On the day before the sale, Darcy presented a lease without the language allowing the buyers to visit the house. The buyers didn’t sign that lease, and Darcy, who wasn’t “happy about them wanting to paint some rooms in the house,” indicated he might back out of the deal, the affidavit said.

But during the sale, Darcy “had not complained” about the buyers visiting the house, the affidavit said.

On the day of the shooting, Snyder approached the house with his 8-year-old son when Darcy is said to have opened fire on Snyder. Darcy was said to have called 911 and told dispatchers he shot Snyder because “he was tired of his (expletive).” Darcy then reportedly placed the gun on the kitchen counter and waited for police.

Even I’m a little shocked at the callousness of Mr. Snyder’s murder. Not only did Darcy murder a man over something so petty as being annoyed over a house visit, but he did it in front of Mr. Snyder’s 8-year-old son, putting the child in potential danger as well. Some may say the prosecution should go easy on Darcy since he’s an 81-year-old man with no criminal record. I disagree. While he may have waited late in life to commit a crime, he committed one of the most heinous crimes one can commit. Because of that he deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

UPDATE 6/30/2017: The trial has been set for October.

Possible craigslist murder in Topeka

Possible craigslist murder in Topeka

Anthony Darcy

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. Nothing salacious, just having a serious bout of depression that I’ll get into at some other date. What caused me to start posting again is that there has been a possible craigslist murder in my new hometown of Capital City, otherwise known as Topeka, Kansas.

On Monday, 81-year-old Anthony Darcy allegedly shot and killed 36-year-old Stephen Snyder. Darcy has no criminal history but is being held on $1 million bond. Topeka has been reeling after a number of shooting homicides have been committed in the city recently. While it’s nowhere near the level of a city like Chicago, the 11 murders that have happened so far this year have been a concern for both police and residents.

Just a little bit more than an hour ago, I was watching the 10:00 PM news broadcast from local station KSNT. While this hasn’t been posted on their website yet, or any other local news site for that matter, they reported Darcy had just sold a house to Snyder on craigslist the other day. Unless I misheard the newscast, Darcy allegedly entered the home and shot Snyder. So far no motive has been discussed. I’ve sent a request to KSNT to make sure I heard correctly but so far I have not received a reply.

While it may not be a ‘craigslist killing’ in the classical sense, I find it suspicious a craigslist transaction happened between the two before one of them was killed. I’ll post more details as they become available and as time allows.

UPDATE 5/4/2017: Yesterday, Darcy was officially charged with first-degree murder and endangerment of a child since there was an 8-year-old present at the time of the shooting.

KSNT tried to get back to me regarding the involvement of craigslist but somewhere along the line our wires got crossed so I still can’t confirm that.

Pot smelling tot leads to grow operation bust

Mark Biondolillo

Mark Biondolillo

Kindergarten Student Smells of Pot, Father Arrested:

In Leicester, New York a 5-year-old boy allegedly went to his kindergarten class reeking of weed. This led police to investigate the home of his burnout Breeder, 41-year-old Mark Biondolillo.

Not only did they just find weed on the premises but they also allegedly found a grow operation that included over one hundred marijuana plants. Biondolillo was charged with child endangerment along with the various drug charges.

Now I know we are going to get the militant stoners in here who are going to say what’s the big deal and I’ll tell you. The first is a kid can’t reek of weed just from the plants unless he was rolling around in a Hefty bag full of weed. That means that more than likely that copious amounts of weed were being smoked around the boy. The second thing is that when you run a grow operation in your house it is inviting several other factions of criminal elements into your home. The house could have been in a home invasion of people looking to rob the Breeder or a competing dealer could have looked to eliminate the competition in a violent way. But the burnouts would have you believe that weed is some magical fairy plant that makes everyone fart rainbows and sing Kumbya.

The boy was turned over to his mother. I hope she regrets ever hooking up with that loser.

Thanks to Kim at the Facebook page for the tip.

Drinking and driving…. just another day at the beach


Parents charged with child endangerment after driving drunk with children in car

Above we have dumb and dumber…. aka James Lee (54) and his lovely wife Wendy Lee (43), of San Carlos, CA.  These two and their 4 children (3 boys and 1 girl) ranging in age from 2-years-old to 8-years-old spent Jan.22nd at the beach in Half Moon Bay.  Sounds like a great day, right?  Wrong!

It appears dumb and dumber took their kids to the beach, where they proceeded to drink heavily the entire day.  Sounds like a great time, as a child I had a father who drank for nearly every occasion and I can remember clearly wishing to be anywhere but with my dad the day never ended well.  It didn’t for these kids either.  Mom and Dad decided it was time to go and loaded their most precious cargo into the family vehicle and headed home.  Yes, they both drank ALL day then put their children into a vehicle.  At about 5 pm police were notified of a reckless driver and a responding officer spotted the families vehicle.  James Lee rolled through a stop sign, almost hit another car and was pulled over.  The officer found in the car… 14 empty beer cans, an empty bottle of rum, and inebriated Wendy Lee and their 4 children.  Both parents were completely intoxicated to the point of being unable to stand when they were asked to get out of the vehicle.  OMG, I have to tell you this makes me FURIOUS!  James Lee’s blood-alcohol level was .25 and Wendy’s was .24, yep, both of them were three times the legal limit.  WTF, why in the hell would you ever be so careless?  If you dumbasses want to get drunk and drive around with each other so be it, risk your one freakin lives, DO NOT put the kids in the car with you.  One of the children told the police that James pulled the van over twice on the way home to drink more beer.  Well shit… he didn’t want to be distracted from opening his beer by that pesky steering wheel.  Here’s idea brainfart… instead of pulling over to drink it up, pull it over and call someone to come drive your children home safely.  Shit!

James was also driving on a suspended license because of …. wait for it … drunk driving and was not supposed to be with his wife under the conditions of a restraining order.  Hmmmmm, do we have one of those mean, I’ll beat on my woman kinda drunks on our hands?  My guess.. Hell Yes!

James was sentenced to 6 months in jail after pleading no contest to drunk driving and one count of child endangerment.  Wendy will serve 45 days for child endangerment.

Let me say this… I feel for these kids, my sisters and myself grew up with a father who drank everyday, every holiday, every birthday and still to this day shows up with a cooler of beer when he comes to visit.  I know how it feels to sit all day at a family function and wonder how the trip home is going to be, my dad never batted an eye at loading us into a car after drinking all day and heading home.  I remember being in the car from Michigan to Missouri (12-13 hour trip) and him drinking while we made the drive, in snowstorms in the middle of December.  I remember the fear of him losing control and wishing my mom would take over the driving but she never did because she was afraid of my father and when he drank he’d become horribly mean and abusive to her.  My sisters and I would just sit back together and hope we made it through the drive without anyone getting hurt or yelled, because when he was drunk you never knew what might set him off.  We hated, hated, hated when my dad would tell us that we were going on our boat for the day.  We knew it meant, all of us getting bitched at for a few hours while we got out on the water, then him drinking while we were out there and if we were lucky… he’d stay in a good mood, if we weren’t lucky… well I’ll let you figure it out.  I have never let my children see me drink; my father is not allowed to drink in their presence.  I swore I’d never let them grow up like I did.  I love my father, I am who I am because of him, but I do not agree with what he subjected us to as children and I feel the same way about these two.  Once you decide to become a parent, you first responsibility it to your children.  Drinking should never be a part of a family day at the beach.  NEVER!

All in all this one has a happy ending, no child was beaten, raped or killed.  But it is sad none-the-less these 4 kids are probably so accustom to their parents’ lifestyle they had no idea what sort of danger they were actually in.

Thanks to Steve for the tip.

Woman uses toddler as TASER shield

Mo. mom accused of using child to block Taser:

A 20-year-old woman from Hannibal, Missouri is accused of using her 1-year-old child as a shield when police produced a TASER while investigating an assault claim made by the woman. The thing is she wasn’t shielding herself.

During the course of the police investigation a 22-year-old man showed up and started giving cops a hard time. When police pulled out a TASER the woman handed the child to the man to use as a shield.

I would lay odds that not only was he probably the man who assaulted her but more than likely is her penis.

Thanks to Megan for the tip.

Ohio woman charged with squeezing infant to death

Prosecutor: Mom Squeezed Daughter, Causing Death:

25-year-old Samantha A. Smith of Milford, Ohio has been arrested in the death of her 11-day-old daughter. The girl died on Dec. 20th of last year. Authorities say that Smith admitted to squeezing the baby because she was constipated which caused the baby’s intestine to rupture. What the hell? If that was really her motivation babies aren’t Play Doh toys for God’s sake.

There was evidence of other abuse too. Neighbor’s claimed that the baby had bruises on it’s face like someone had pinched the baby’s cheek to the point of contusions. Smith also canceled a doctor’s appointment for the baby three days before her death. Police believe that was to cover up the abuse.

also arrested was Smith’s boyfriend 26-year-old John D. Foster. Both have been charged with manslaughter and child endangerment.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Woman charged with breast feeding while driving

Breast-feeding, cell-using driver charged:

39-year-old Genine Compton of Ohio was charged with child endangerment for breast feeding her child and talking on her cell phone at the same time while driving. How is that possible without having three arms?

When police tracked her down she said she didn’t want to let her child go hungry. So I guess feeding your child can’t wait until you can do it safely? She should consider herself very lucky that she didn’t have an accident as the airbag would have surely killed the child.

Thanks to Ihavekidstoo for the tip.

Like a dog

Police: Naked Girl Forced To Eat On Floor:

Police in Bullhead City, Arizona have arrested Juan and Dawn Corral on charges of child abuse, child endangerment and aggravated assault. Juan Corral Jr. (same guy) has also been charged with sexual contact with a minor and sexual molestation.

Juan Corral Jr. is the stepfather and Dawn Corral is the mother of a 9-year-old girl. Corral Jr. made the girl take off all her clothes and eat and relieve herself on the floor like a dog. The girl was also severely beaten so bad that she had to miss a week of school. Corral Jr. also ‘touched her inappropriately’ as a form of punishment. So what did the mother do? Since you’re reading this here you can probably guess. She stood by and did nothing.

Personally I wouldn’t even treat a dog this way. And here we have another case of a woman who obviously thinks having a penis in her life is more important than her own children. If this happened to a child of most women I know someone like Corral Jr. would be missing said organ and it would be found in his mouth to show he was a screamer. Figuratively, of course.

Thanks to Tina and LadyJade for the tip.

La. man gambles with his parental rights

Baby Left In Car While Dad Gambled, Police Say:

27-year-old Craig Bychurch of Larose, La. was arrested for leaving his 3-month-old baby in the car while he gambled at a casino. After his arrest the baby was given to the mother who happened to be at work at the time. So she’s pulling in the dough while he’s wasting it at a casino. Not much of a man right there.

Bychurch has been previously arrested for various charges including failure to register as a sex offender.

He’s been court ordered to stay away from the baby which may be best for everyone.

Thanks to super tipper LadyJade for the tip.