Jesse Lee Wise sentenced

Jesse Lee Wise

Jesse Lee Wise

17-year sentence for Arizona man who came to Chesapeake for sex:

I originally posted about Jesse Lee Wise here.

He’s the oldest looking 25-year-old from Arizona who traveled from Arizona to Chesapeake, Virginia in order to have sex with a 13-year-old girl he met over MySpace. When arrived in Virginia by bus he set up a tent near a public library near where the girl lived. When police caught him they found him with used (ew) and unused condoms, a bus ticket in the girl’s name and a ring with a pink heart for the girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ring was one of these.

Anyway (not so) Wise was sentenced to 17 years behind bars. He’ll be in his early 40s if he gets out. He’ll still be a danger. Keep them locked up for life.

The scariest MySpace crime ever prevented

Jesse Lee Wise

Jesse Lee Wise

Police: Man came from Nevada for sex with girl on MySpace:

25-year-old Jesse Lee Wise traveled from Nevada to Chesapeake, Virginia by bus to meet a 13-year-old girl he met on MySpace. Once he got to Virginia he set up a tent near a public library so he could continue messaging the girl. He had been communicating with the girl for about a year and a half. The girl allegedly told Wise he was 13 and he didn’t care.

“I know how old you are just don’t type it on here cause I am in a public place,” Wise replied.

When the conversations became sexual the girl told her mother who in turned told police. It was then that Wise was actually chatting with law enforcement.

After Wise pitched his tent he invited the girl to his tent promising to take her to Arizona and to give her a ring.

According to the court records, he asked the girl to meet him at the library and said that she would recognize him by his dragon/barbed wire tattoo on his left arm.

“Well baby, I am in the tent and it is in the woods as you walk out the front doors,” he wrote to her the day before his arrest.

I bet it was the around the bicep tattoo too. That’s not the sign of a child molester but it is a sign of douchebaggery, but I digress.

When police searched the tent after Wise’s arrest they found used and unused condoms (WTF?), a ring with a pink heart and bus tickets back to the Southwest, one of which was in the girl’s name.

If it wasn’t for the girl (not the parents) this girl might have been kidnapped and killed and never heard from again. She had been chatting with Wise on MySpace since she was 11 1/2 or 12. No one that young should be on MySpace. Even the judge who arraigned Wise asked “Where were her parents to allow her MySpace page to have her personal identifying information?” Where indeed?

Wise has been charged with federal crimes so hopefully he’ll get a real sentence.

And on a personal note I can’t stress how important it is to never give your sons the middle names of Ray, Lee or Wayne. You’re kind of guaranteeing that they’ll be criminals.

Airman arrested after tryst with teen

Airman arrested after Facebook rendezvous with teen:

19-year-old Christopher Stevens is a U.S. Air Force Airman stationed at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia. He was recently arrested in Concord, Mass. after he flew to Mass. to meet a 14-year-old girl that he met through Facebook.

The girl is from Stow, Mass. and he allegedly took the girl to a motel in Concord. The girl’s parents reported the girl as missing and a search of her computer revealed the plans to meet.

In these situations where members of the military fly to meet underage girls I always wonder if they deserted or not.