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The Midland (TX) MyYearbook molester

Jeffrey Allen Cary

Jeffrey Allen Cary

Midland Man Behind Bars for Sexual Assault of a Child:

MPD: Midland man arrested on sexual assault charges:

Before I get to Bat Boy I wanted to make one thing clear. While the articles linked to may call the website MyYearbook it is actually now known as MeetMe.com or just MeetMe.

Anyway Bat Boy over there is 21-year-old Jeffrey Allen Cary of Midland, Texas. He was arrested after allegedly picking up two 14-year-old girls who were cutting school, taking them to get synthetic marijuana then having sex twice (multiple child rapes) with one of the girls. Police say that he met the victim on MyYearbook/MeetMe. Police also say that he admitted knowing that the girl was 14.

Personally I’d like to know how the girls were able to skip school without their parents being notified or don’t schools do that anymore?

Parents, please take the time to learn exactly what social sites your kids are using and who they’re friends with online. Make sure they’re using their actual ages and not friending someone inappropriately. As I am fond of saying in these situations you are the only defense between your kids and online predators and I’ll keep saying it until creeps like this are a thing of the past.

California craigslist creeper who wanted ‘Daddy/Daughter incest’ sentenced


Man Soliciting Sex on Craigslist Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison:

Sacramento man, who admitted to molesting girl and posting Craigslist ad, sentenced to prison:

Man who sought minors for sex via Craigslist draws 10-year prison sentence:

I don’t know how I missed this story before but here we are.

35-year-old Eric G. Lowe of Sacramento, California was recently sentenced for soliciting sex from an underage girl on craigslist. Lowe posted an ad on craigslist seeking a young girl for a “Daddy/Daughter incest relationship”. Yep, I like I need a chemical shower after typing that. A 13-year-old girl named Amy responded to Lowe’s ad and began corresponding with him. He would ask Amy things like when was her mother going to be out of the house and can she bring a friend. Amy was actually an undercover police detective. After investigators searched Lowe’s computer they found that he was conversing with an actual teen from another town and was in possession of child porn. Lowe told investigators that he preferred 9-year-olds and admitted that he molested an underage girl. Ok, now I’m going to have to take a chemical shower and scrub with steel wool. Ick.

So what did this sick bitch get for all his troubles. 10 years in jail, 10 years on probation and a place on the sex offender registry. Not enough prison time. When he gets out, in probably less than 10 years since it’s California, probation and the registry is not going to be nearly enough to discourage an obvious predator like Lowe.

Also Lowe’s ad was allowed to sit on craigslist for months and nothing was ever done about it. Craigslist seems to have no problem with pedophiles using their site to find victims and the media refuses to call them out on it. A tragic cycle of apathy while children are being molested.

TX woman charged with sending child porn to RSO that she met on MocoSpace

Desiree Lee Padilla

Desiree Lee Padilla

Harlingen infant porn suspect met sex offender on MocoSpace:

Swiss Miss up there is 22-year-old Desiree Lee Padilla of Harlingen, Texas. She was recently arrested for allegedly sending explicit pictures of an infant girl to a registered sex offender that she met on MocoSpace. Again with Texas and MocoSpace. I have to wonder once again if it’s just being reported more in Texas than any other area.

Anyway, the sex offender in question is 41-year-old James Leland Copeland Jr. who was convicted on child porn charges in Tennessee in 2005. He’s been in and out of prison since. He’s been arrested as well in this case.

Investigators say that Padilla sent pictures of her performing a sex act on an infant girl at Copeland’s request. The articles come out have not said if the girl was Padilla’s daughter.

Unfortunately this is not the uncommon occurrence you may think it is. Over at Bad Breeders there have been a multitude of stories of women who have sent their insignificant others child porn usually involving their own children. I don’t care if the guy was a multi-billionaire who was going to set you up for life on a private island. There is no man or woman out there that’s worth violating a baby for.

Do we as a society think so little of our children anymore?

LI financial planner caught with boy he met on craigslist

David Boutin

David Boutin

Financial Planner Accused Of Molesting Boy, 13, Met On Craigslist, Cops:

42-year-old David Boutin of West Hempstead, New York was recently arrested in Suffolk County after he was allegedly caught with a 13-year-old boy that he met through craigslist. Boutin is supposedly some kind of financial planner. The only reason I bring that up is because apparently child molesters come from all walks of life and social classes.

Anyway the twist to this story is that the craigslist ad wasn’t picked up by police. Local cops came across Boutin by accident when they were looking for a stolen motorcycle. That leads me to believe that for every perv that gets caught on craigslist there are several more who continue to victimize unabated all because craigslist says that it’s impossible to monitor their site. Which as you should all know by now is a load of crap. They just don’t want to spend any money on monitoring the site.

I mean what’s a few hundred or few thousand kids that get molested every year compared to the money that they’re making right?

The investigation is still open. If you have any information about Boutin, police would appreciate it if you call the Seventh Squad at 631-852-8752 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

Creepy craigslist weatherman: 14 to 16 years old is perfect baby

Rob Lopicola. Partly douchey with a 100% chance of child rape.

Rob Lopicola. Partly douchey with a 100% chance of child rape.

Rob Lopicola, former WPTV weatherman, arrested on underage sex charges:

Former Florida TV weatherman Rob Lopicola was arrested this week by the West Palm Beach police for allegedly ‘having sex’ with two teen boys that he through craigslist. Or as we humans call it, child rape.

Police said that Lopicola met a 15-year-old boy through craigslist when the boy lied and said he was 18. When the boy revealed his real age Lopicola allegedly said “14 to 16 years old is perfect baby.” Just as an aside, frozen pepperoni pizza does not taste good when you vomit in your mouth.

Also in 2010 police say that Lopicola placed an ad on craigslist posing as an 18-year-old when he met another 15-year-old boy. The article states that when Lopicola found out his real age he continued to ‘have a relationship’ with the boy. Child rape is not a ‘relationship’.

At this point craigslist should just have a ‘pedo seeking victims’ section. It’s not like they’re fooling anybody. Oh wait, they are or else this would be a much bigger issue than it is.

UPDATE 2/23/2013: This article is basically about how Lopicola’s trial is set to start in June but contains this little tidbit…

According to transcripts of text messages, Lopicola asked the 15-year-old boy to call him “Dad,” encouraged sex without condoms and asked if he could share the boy with his older friends.


UPDATE 11/14/2013: Lopicola was convicted in one trial and pleaded guilty to avoid another. He’s looking at a possible 20 years behind bars. He’s scheduled to be sentenced on 12/6.

Idaho man charged with offering 3-year-old for sex on craigslist

Jason Lloyd Schaber

Jason Lloyd Schaber

Sheriff: 39-year-old Boise man arrested after posting Craigslist ad offering toddler for sex:

39-year-old Jason Lloyd Schaber of Boise, Idaho has been charged with offering a 3-year-old girl for sex on craigslist. You know, after seeing some of the repulsive ads that I’ve seen other predators post on craigslist my mind boggles at what this scumbag could possibly have placed in his ad.

Not only was Schaber allegedly trying to sell this girl for sex on craigslist but when investigators searched his computer they found video evidence of Schaber having ‘illegal sexual contact’ with the girl.

The relationship between Schaber and his victim have not been made public to my knowledge however the girl is now in protective state custody. Investigators say that they believe that Schaber was not successful in getting anyone to pay to have sex with the girl. Police also believe that Schaber may have other victims.

Once again I have to take craigslist to task for still not monitoring their site. It’s obvious to most reasonable humans that the so-called community policing has failed miserably.

As reprehensible as this assclown’s actions are maybe this case can bring attention to the still sorry state of craigslist as the pedophiles’ and predators’ playground.

UPDATE 6/3/2012: Remember when I said that I can’t imagine what the ads could have possibly said. Now we know some of it

One of sex ads stated “desperate times calls for desperate measures.”

One of the ads, prosecutors say, had a graphic description of the prostitution plans with the child.

“Hurry before your once in a lifetime opportunity passes you by,” the ad stated.

This bastard should be executed.

UPDATE 10/14/12: Schaber has pleaded not guilty and is looking at a February trial.

UPDATE 2/23/2013: The charges against Schaber for offering the child for sex on craigslist have been dropped but instead Schaber has been indicted on multiple child porn charges which will carry more prison time.

UPDATE 6/15/2013: Schaber has changed his plea to guilty and is looking at between 20 and 50 years in prison. Also it’s been confirmed that the ad was placed in the casual encounters section of craigslist yet craigslist still refuses to monitor it and sadly no one cares outside of me if they do or not.

UPDATE 9/10/2013: I’m a little behind on this one but about a month ago Schaber was sentenced to 30 years in prison. The judge even said “This is one of the most insidious and heinous cases I’ve handled in my 50 years on the bench.”

LaMesa MySpace molester pleads guilty

Jeffrey John McPherson

Jeffrey John McPherson

Man Pleads Guilty to Molesting Two Teenage Boys, Including One He Met Online:

I originally posted about Jeffrey John McPherson here and here. He’s the 43-year-old guy from LaMesa, California who was arrested for molesting a 16-year-old boy that he met on MySpace. He molested the boy for a period of 9 months.

While awaiting trial he went on the run for a month before LaMesa police decided to inform the public and two months before he was finally caught.

This past Thursday McPherson pleaded guilty to not only molesting the MySpace boy but also molesting a 17-year-old family friend. Once again after all the atrocities that McPherson has committed he’s only going to get 4 years in jail and be registered as a sex offender for life.

Why are we still treating scum like this like they’re shoplifters or something. These pedo scum are the most dangerous predators that live among us today. They should at least be locked up for the rest of their unnatural lives. That will keep them from re-offending.

UPDATE 11/4/2012: As expected McPherson was only given four years. Pitiful.

Prolific MySpace predator Joshua Threlkeld sentenced to 100 years

Joshua Threlkeld

Joshua Threlkeld

For once the California justice system did not drop the ball as Joshua Threlkeld was sentenced to 100 years in prison.

Threlkeld posed on MySpace as a 14-year-old girl named Sarah Miller to gain the confidence of underage girls then convince them to model for her ‘friend’. Some of the girls were molested by Threlkeld and some of his child porn victims were as young as 11. His victims stretched far and wide across the country and went even as far as Canada and the UK. His victims may have even numbered in the 100 range mark.

As far as I can recollect Threlkeld has received the longest sentence for social network related crimes.

It would be great to see even more predators like Mr. Classy Neck Tattoo get sentences like this.

Scott Shefelbine appeal for new trial denied

Scott Shefelbine

Scott Shefelbine

Judge Rejects New Trial For Shefelbine On Sex Assault Charges:

In my estimation Scott Shefelbine was the most prolific MySpace predator with 13 arrests for various offenses that involved MySpace and underage girls. The last we had heard from Mr. Shefelbine he was appealing his 20-year-sentence. He claimed that not only did he have ineffective counsel but that prosecutors violated his plea agreement by charging his mom with perjury. Today a Connecticut judge denied his motion for a new trial.

In his decision the judge not only ruled that Shefelbine’s attorneys acted in his best interest but that the terms of his plea agreement said that his mom would not be charged with crimes related to Shefelbine’s many assaults. His mom perjured herself when she vouched for her son’s whereabouts. Shefelbine was arrested many times after his initial arrest and continued to offend until his bond was finally revoked.

Part of me was actually hoping that Shefelbine would have gone to trial since he was looking at a life sentence rather than 20 years.

Prolific MySpace predator Joshua Threlkeld convicted

Joshua Threlkeld

Joshua Threlkeld

Man guilty of exploiting, abusing girls found online:

I’ve posted about 34-year-old Joshua David Threlkeld many times before in the past. To make a long story short Threlkeld of Orange County California posed on MySpace as a 14-year-old girl named Sarah Miller. Threlkeld would then use the persona of the girl in order to gain the confidence of other underage girls and would convince them that they should be models. That’s when Mr. Neck Tattoo would either get the girls to send explicit photos of themselves or he would take the photos himself pretending he had a modeling agency. Some of his victims were as young as 11 and his victims are said to be in the hundreds. He even molested some of the girls he took pictures of. Some of his victims were even from Canada and the UK.

This week a Riverside County court convicted him of 79 felonies. He is looking at life when he is sentenced next month. Hopefully California won’t drop the ball on his sentencing as there is obviously no hope for rehabilitation for this scumbag.