Pill popping Breeder ODs behind wheel with 4-year-old in the car

Pill popping breeder ODs behind wheel with 4-year-old in the car

Colleen Nichols

30-year-old Colleen Nichols was allegedly found behind the wheel of her vehicle after overdosing on prescription pills in Boca Raton, Florida. In the back of the vehicle was her 4-year-old daughter who just wanted to go her preschool. It doesn’t sound like the car was involved in any kind of collision, thankfully. However, the vehicle was unlocked with Nichols slumped over the wheel. A witness called 911 and EMT’s had to use Narcan to revive her. Reports say Nichols took an almost 30 day supply of Klonipin in a little over a day. After Nichols returned to consciousness, first responders asked her where she thought her daughter was and Nichols was said to have responded by saying: “I don’t know, I must have blacked out, I’m under a lot of stress.”

How much ‘stress’ do you have to be under to take a month’s worth of Klonipin in less than a two-day period? Unless you’re a four-fingered member of a bomb squad in Afghanistan, you’re not under that much stress. Then again, it’s a common characteristic of drug addicts to blame everyone but themselves for their behavior. They tell the most outlandish lies in order to try to get their fix and expect you to believe them. In too many cases, addicts don’t care who the repercussions of their actions affect, even if it’s their own children.

Prescription drug abuse is now the worst drug abuse problem in the U.S. today. Unfortunately, most addicts don’t think they have a problem, and can’t start recovering until they do. The Mayo Clinic website has a detailed guide on how to stage an intervention in case a loved one has a substance abuse problem.


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Perth parents due to be sentenced

Johnstone and Minett

Johnstone and Minett

Perth duo plead guilty to child neglect:

Amber Minett, 27, and her live in sex toy Cassidy Johnstone, 25, have pleaded guilty to child neglect. At eight moths old Levi Mippi was injured in an unexplained incident at the home his mother and her blow in boyfriend. The charges of neglect pertain to not getting medical treatment for the child, after the unexplained incident.

Let’s hold up here. This is an eight month old baby, if the baby was left alone long enough for the injuries to be self-inflicted, should this not carry and extra charge for failing to supervise your child adequately? If these injuries were deemed by a professional, not plausibly caused by the infant left unsupervised to roll on the floor or what not, why why why are they both not facing extra charges for the harm that’s been caused to this child? Because they’ve kept the true horror of what poor Levi had to endure to themselves? Protecting her boyfriend maybe? Where was her protection for her son, when he needed her, or if she’s the monster that’s responsible, why has he not thrown her under the bus, literally and figuratively? Or are they both neglectful abusive oxygen thieves?

Levi only received medical treatment approximately 24 hours after the initial indecent had occurred. Levi’s paternal grandmother, Doris Mippi, was his saving grace although too late to un-do the irreparable damage done while in the care of his mother and her boyfriend, luckily in time to save his precious life.

Doris Mippi is now Levi’s career, Levi is now 22 months old, and instead of running, playing and exploring the world like he should be, he is now blind, quadriplegic, and several suffers seizures daily. He requires medication for the rest of his life.

The pathetic pair face the courts in may this year, the maximum penalty for the charges carries a ten-year jail sentence, lets hope that the judge also imposes more time for the fact that this child has his disabilities for life.

***Special thanks to Songbird for the write up***


Girl left tied up outside betting agency:

A video has emerged over here in the UK of an unidentified woman (who I hope doesn’t remain unidentified for much longer)
trapping her young daughter’s rein underneath the door of a betting shop, leaving the girl trapped outside, while Miss Priorities went inside the building to, I presume, place a bet. A man who was working in the office building opposite the shop caught the whole thing on camera. You can view the video via the link posted above.

Ya see, the girl wouldn’t have been allowed inside the shop because she’s clearly under 18, so instead of, you know, NOT going in, her breeder decided it would be perfectly rational to trap her daughter’s leash under the door of the shop and then go in and do whatever the Hell her selfish, obviously small mind decided was more important than her daughter’s safety. What a stupid cow. As far as I know, the girl wasn’t hurt, but that’s not the point. She was scared.

In the video you can clearly see the girl trying to free herself. She was left trapped under the door for around 3 minutes before her breeder released her. I sure hope the police are following this thing up. We can get into a huge debate about whether kids should even be on leashes or not, but ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

I think every normal, loving parent (the kind who puts the safety of their child first), regardless of whether they use leashes or not, would know that trapping their child’s leash UNDER A DOOR while they went inside is NOT the smartest thing you can do. Either this breeder is supremely stupid or doesn’t give two hoots about her kid. Probably both.

Thanks go to Marge for the tip.

***Written by Cobalt Rose***

Did online games lead to animal feces?

Police: Online Gaming Addict Neglected Her 6 Children:

Police in Uniontown, Pennsylvania will be filing child endangerment charges against Elizabeth Ruffner after finding her six kids living in filth and everybody’s favorite, animal feces. The excuse being given is that Ruffner was addicted to online games.

Police say there was no food in the house and that the kids’ mattresses look like they had been pulled from the junkyard. Their stepfather says that he tried to take care of the kids by bathing then and trying to clean up after them but since he worked it was hard to keep up with them.

Police say that the house looked like it had not been cleaned in years so I don’t think the problem was online gaming. I think the problem is that this bitch was lazy as fuck and just used the games as a crutch.

We are all responsible for our own actions no matter what our addictions may be. There is no excuse for allowing your kids to live among piles of animal crap. If you’re home all day playing games on the computer you have plenty of damn time to clean up the shit on the floor.

This also shows what kind of priorities were going on here as well. No food in the house but the internet bill was paid.

The kids have been removed from the home.

Thanks to Meredith for the tip.

Local Breeder leaves kids out in the cold

Lastaria Brown

Last week here in Charlotte, NC it was colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. I’m from up north so when I say it’s cold it’s cold.

Apparently that didn’t matter to Lastaria Brown (how do you even pronounce that?) of West Charlotte who was arrested last week on child neglect charges. It seems her 3-year-old and 18-month old were found out in the 20 something degree (F) weather in just their diapers. An 11-month-old (do the math on that one) was found to be inside the home. I couldn’t find word on where Ms. Brown was at the time but I’m hoping she wasn’t getting her hair done and if she was she needs to get her money back.

Brown was arrested back in June for similar charges when she allegedly left the kids home alone then. No word on why Brown still had the kids.

Thanks to our own Deena for the tip.

Breeder who killed Facebook friend had daughter in car

Facebook feud led to crash death, Pontiac police say:

Pontiac woman arraigned in fatal crash linked to Facebook argument:

Woman faces murder charge after fatal crash linked to Facebook feud:

23-year-old Torrie Lynn Emery of Pontiac, Michigan has been charged with murder in the vehicular death of 21-year-old Alesha Abernathy and sadly Ms. Abernathy was just an innocent bystander.

Emery was having a Facebook feud with 20-year-old Danielle Booth. Allegedly Emery saw Ms. Booth riding in a car that Ms. Abernathy was driving and began to ram the car with hers. Out of fear for her life this caused Ms. Abernathy to flee in her car which caused her to run a red light. The car Ms. Abernathy was driving was then violently hit by a dump truck. Ms. Abernathy was killed and Ms. Booth was critically injured. Emery also had her 3-year-old daughter in the back seat of the car.

And why did all this death and mayhem take place? They were arguing over a man on Facebook.

How many times do I have to say this that there is no man or woman alive worth killing over. Hell, there aren’t many worth ramming another car over. And sure as shit there’s none worth risking your child’s life over.

Now more than likely this 3-year-old girl will only see her mother in prison all because of something so petty and immature.

Grow up people.

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips.

UPDATE: The Breeder’s Breeder is of course defending her.

“She wasn’t trying to kill anybody,” Tracy Emery screamed while sitting in front of the courthouse. “Please have mercy on her, Lord.”

She may not have meant to kill someone but she did. No mercy.

Thanks to sun runner for that tip.

More on Tracy Hermann’s sentencing

Tracy Hermann

Tracy Hermann

I know I don’t have to tell you who Tracy Hermann is and what she was convicted of. Anyway I found a better article about her sentencing.

It seems the reason she was sentenced to 50 years instead of 100 like James Sargent was that she pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of her son Benjamin.

At the sentencing Hermann said that what she did was a ‘mistake’. She also said that her sentence would bring justice for Benjamin.

Maybe if she and Sargent actually gave a shit for their baby there wouldn’t be a need for justice.

Hermann will have to serve her entire sentence.

Tracy Hermann sentenced to 50 years

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Peoria woman sentenced to 50 years for death of son:

You remember Tracy Hermann and James Sargent don’t you? They were the scumbag Breeders that left their 5-month-old son Benjamin strapped in his car seat in his crib for days while they went about their lives not feeding him, changing him or even checking on him.

The last we heard Sargent was sentenced to 100 years for his part in Benjamin’s death. Now Hermann has been sentenced to 50 years.

No word yet on why she only got half of what Sargent got. At least if she does get out she’ll be well past child-bearing age.

James Sargent sentenced to 100 years

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Tracy Hermann and James Sargent

Sargent gets 100 years for death of son:

James Sargent of Peoria, Illinois has been sentenced to 100 years in prison for the death of his son, 5-month-old Benjamin Sargent. As you’ll recall Sargent and the birth organism, Tracy Hermann, allegedly left Benjamin strapped in his car seat in his crib for days while they went about their lives not feeding him, changing him or even checking in him. Benjamin died from an infection caused by the feces in his diaper that eventually ate through his skin.

Hermann’s trial is set to start in October.

Kids who can’t talk found in trash filled home

Kids Discovered In Waste Infested Apartment:

35-year-old Nicolette Brady and 34-year-old Chad Lee of Metairie, Louisiana were arrested on various charges including child neglect, receipt of stolen property and disturbing the peace. No one knows who called the police or why but when they got there they found the home in deplorable conditions. A 4 and a 5-year-old were found wearing only diapers and insect bites all over them. The kids are unable to speak and were found hanging out of a window when police arrived. They also had a second grade boy who they allegedly let wander the street.

Lee has a prior arrest history that includes heroin possession and selling crack.

Brady on the other hand has eight kids in several different states.

Winners all around.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.