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LASD to stop arresting child prostitutes

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell

Recently Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell has ordered his department to no longer arrest underage prostitutes and that they shouldn’t be referred to as child prostitutes.

“They are child victims and survivors of rape,” McDonnell wrote in a letter to his employees. “We must remember that children cannot consent to sex under any circumstance.”

This is actually kind of a big deal considering the massive amount of square mileage that the LASD has jurisdiction over. Just the unincorporated parts of L.A. County covers 4,083 square miles.

Sheriff McDonnell goes on to say…

McDonnell said that he has instructed his employees to stop using the terms “child prostitute” and “underage prostitution.”

Using those terms, McDonnell said, strips responsibility from the traffickers and the people who pay to have sex with children.

“Buyers,” he said, “should be viewed as child molesters and predators.”

I couldn’t agree more. The only problem is that historically the punishment for the johns hasn’t been harsh enough to effectively curtail the demand. To make this an ideal situation new legislation for increased sentencing would be needed to go along with this much-needed view on the underage victims of sex trafficking.

Thanks to Jade for the tip.

16-year-old Backpage prostitute raped and thrown from Brooklyn roof

Married father of two, another sicko rape 16-year-old prostitute and toss her from roof of a three-story Brooklyn apartment building, sources say:

Antonio Owensford

Antonio Owensford

Back in mid-July 26-year-old Antonio Owensford and 24-year-old Anwar Desouza were arrested for allegedly raping a 16-year-old Backpage prostitute before throwing her off the roof of a three-story Brooklyn apartment building.

According to reports Desouza did not want to wear a condom, an argument ensued where Desouza and Owensford were said to have attacked the girl, choking her before raping her and then through her off the roof of their building. Owensford is claiming that everything was consensual but I don’t know of many people who would consent to being thrown off of a roof.

At last report the girl survived but was in serious condition including a full body cast.

While Desouza and Owensford are obviously monsters for the malicious crimes they are accused of committing there are at least two more monsters out there that should be facing legal. The first is whatever lowly pimp was turning out a 16-year-old girl and the second is the operators of the website that allowed the underage girl to be advertised like some kind of sex cattle.

Backpage, your day is coming.

Florida woman surrenders to FBI for being a Backpage child pimp

Woman Wanted for Teen Sex Trafficking Surrenders in St. Petersburg: FBI:

Keosha Renee Jones

Keosha Renee Jones

21-year-old Keosha Renee Jones of St. Petersburg, Florida recently surrendered herself to local police and the FBI. Jones was wanted on charges of child sex trafficking. According to investigators Jones allegedly prostituted two 14-year-old runaway girls on Backpage. She is also said to have taken explicit photos of them for Backpage and then kept all the money they made. The victims said they feared for their lives if they didn’t do what Jones said.

Backpage will tell you that the ads they carry for child prostitution are not only a free speech issue but that they have thousands of safeguards in place to keep ads like these from happening. Obviously they are wrong on both parts.

Again I have to ask where is the outrage on this? The sex trafficking of children is not just a third world problem. It’s happening right here in our backyard. More people would rather be outraged when a dog is shot by police. Dogs and cats get more media attention than children being sold for sex in this country.

Lady Thug charged with being Backpage child pimp


Charge: ‘Lady thug’ pimped kids in Kent, Seattle:

I would assume that most people think of pimps and sex traffickers as men but women can be pimps and traffickers too, in some cases they’re even more vicious than their male counterparts. Sometimes they are romanticized by referring to them as madams but there is nothing matronly about them.

Take 20-year-old Jacqueline Pamela Oliver of Seattle, the accused pimp with the phrase ‘Lady Thug’ tattooed on her leg. She’s been charged with prostituting at least two underage girls, ages 15 and 16, on Backpage in the Seattle area. She was turning out the girls while keeping all their money. She was supposedly even living in a motel with the 16-year-old as her ‘girlfriend’. See, female pimps can just be predatory as the men.

Do you know who else made money off of these underage girls? Backpage, of course. They say that have a ridiculous amount of safeguards in place but as far as I can tell they’re not working very well. Like they care.

California man charged with being craigslist child pimp

Colton man arrested after allegedly pimping girl at Redlands motel:

Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia

Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia

31-year-old Wilbert Andres Mancia-Mejia of Colton, California was arrested in Redlands, California for allegedly prostituting a 17-year-old girl on craigslist. Mancia-Mejia met the girl online using the alias of Albert Mann. He allegedly took pictures of the girl while they were having sex (child rape, the CA age of consent is 18) and used the photos to advertise her on craigslist. Mancia-Mejia is said to have sent the victim into a Redlands motel and told her to wait for him. Instead an unidentified man went in and sexually assaulted her. I would imagine that he paid Mancia-Mejia. The girl reported it to police.

Again how’s that consenting adults thing working out for you? Still clinging desperately to that to justify being a ‘hobbyist’? In most cases the women are hardly consenting and in too many cases they’re hardly adults. By the way craigslist, I thought you got rid of this stuff on your website. Oh. that’s right. You don’t bother to check to see if that’s really true or not.

15-year-old girl beaten and urinated on by Backpage pimp

Arteco Marvell Rhodes

Arteco Marvell Rhodes

38-Year-Old Man Charged with Sex Trafficking in Minn.:

In Minnesota 38-year-old Arteco Marvell Rhodes has been charged with the sex trafficking of a minor but that may be the least of his offenses. Investigators say that Rhodes prostituted a 15-year-old girl from Chicago on Backpage in the St. Paul area. When he picked her up from Chicago he asked her if she wanted to be part of the family to do tricks. For the uninitiated that means he wanted her to work for him as a prostitute. Rhodes is said to have had sex with her twice (child rape) and took photos of them in the act. He then turned her out on Backpage for $85 and kept all the money.

The worst part came when the girl said she didn’t want to work for Rhodes anymore. He then allegedly beat her for 3 hours including hitting her with a baseball bat and then choking her unconscious. While she was out cold Rhodes was said to have stomped on her and urinated on her. Then after he was finished beating her he told her to “Go be a kid’ and ‘Don’t say anything’ before dropping her off in the city.

To all the Backpage ‘hobbyists’ out there this is what you’re supporting. Let’s forget the fact that she’s 15 for minute. This is how women are treated by their pimps. This is the rule and not the exception. But what to you care as long as you’re getting your rocks off right? Once again I have to say that the concept of consenting adults is a myth and is only used by johns who are trying to rationalize what they’re doing.

And let’s not ever forget that Backpage is still making money off of tragedies like this. Again in the name of freedom of speech but not the freedom of women and girls.

UPDATE 11/10/2013: Rhodes was recently convicted and cried like a bitch when he was. Maybe that’s what the tear drop tattoo of his really means. He’s scheduled to be sentenced next month.

High school cheerleader prostitutes younger classmate on Backpage

Montia Marie Parker

Montia Marie Parker

Hopkins High School Cheerleader Charged with Prostituting Teammate:

This one made the national news not too long ago but still needs to be recounted.

18-year-old Montia Marie Parker was a cheerleader for Hopkins High School in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Earlier this month she was arrested for allegedly prostituting a 16-year-old teammate on Backpage. The victim is said to have developmental cognitive delay. Parker is said to have convinced the girl to prostitute herself for money. The girl made $60 and Parker kept all of the money. Parker went as far to pose as the girl’s mother on the phone to the school so the girl could be excused from classes. Meanwhile Parker drove the girl to Brooklyn Park for another ‘date’. This time the girl refused and Parker dropped her off at school. How sad is this…

The girl’s mother told police that she had noticed changes in her daughter and found out about the unexcused absence from school on March 5. She checked her daughter’s cell phone and found text messages about prostitution between her daughter and Parker. She called police.

This is what it’s come to. Prostitution and sex trafficking have become so commonplace that teens are willing to prostitute other teens just to make a few bucks. Now in all this outrage about what Parker allegedly did I have seen no outrage whatsoever about the website that made money off of the victim’s trauma. Backpage once again escapes any kind of backlash under the guise of what they call free speech. I guess they believe that speech should be free but women and girls shouldn’t be.

UPDATE 8/30/2013: Parker has pleaded guilty and is looking at up to 108 months in prison.

Illinois Backpage child pimp held on $1M bond

Guillaume Thomas

Guillaume Thomas

$1M bond for Dolton man charged after prostitution sting:

Earlier this month 22-year-old Guillaume Thomas was ordered held on $1M bond for allegedly prostituting an underage girl on Backpage in the Chicago suburb of Lansing, Illinois. Not a lot of details on this one but reports say that Thomas has been charged with involuntary sexual servitude of a minor and trafficking in persons. I can only imagine what atrocities this assclown committed in order to get such a high bond.

The good news, if there is any, out of this arrest is that this happened in Cook County. If you’ll recall the Cook County Sheriff’s Office was one of the most proactive opponents of craigslist’s erotic services section and in my opinion were a major part of getting it shut down. The sheriff’s office has stated that they are in the process of trying to make a case against Backpage. I can only hope that they are successful where other law enforcement agencies and legislatures have failed.

14-year-old found being prostituted on Backpage in MI


Backpage.com ads for sex ‘dates’ with 14-year-old lead to federal charges for Saginaw woman:

Back in January the FBI received a tip that an ad on Backpage for Saginaw, Michigan was for a 14-year-old girl. When investigators conducted a sting to find the girl they also arrested 20-year-old Desiree Poole for allegedly prostituting the girl on Backpage.

Poole allegedly tried using the excuse that she thought the girl was 16. Now where have we heard that kind of defense before? Oh, that’s right usually from sexual predators who get caught. It seems that pimps/traffickers and child predators tend to use the same kind of tactics to groom their victims.

Poole is looking at 10 years behind bars on federal child sex trafficking charges and no one at Backpage is facing any kind of repercussions whatsoever.

Traffic stop busts craigslist child pimp and rapist

Cartez Horne

Cartez Horne

Seatbelt stop leads to rape, sex trafficking charges:

Police in Memphis, Tennessee recently pulled over 23-year-old Cartez Horne for not wearing his seatbelt. Not exactly newsworthy but it’s what police found in the car that is.

There was a 16-year-old girl riding in the car with Horne whom he allegedly admitted to having a ‘sexual relationship’ with. Age of consent in Tenn. is 18 with the provision that allows minors aged 13–17 to engage in sexual acts with partners less than 4 years older. Horne here does not meet that qualification so it’s a case of alleged rape. Statutory but still rape. The fun doesn’t end there though.

This scumbag was also allegedly prostituting her on backp….no wait, he was prostituting her on craigslist. You know, the classifieds site that supposedly git rid of all the sex trafficking on their site but didn’t.

So he’s a pimp and a rapist. Surprise people, most pimps usually are rapists. It’s one of the weapons in their arsenal they use to keep their women, or in this case girls, to keep working for them.

Still no outrage from most of the public, politicians or media though. I guess they think that a girl who legally can not consent to sex is old enough to make the decision on her own to sell herself as a sexual slave.

The more we stay quiet the more the problem will continue to grow.