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Michael Jacques pleads guilty to the rape and murder of Brooke Bennett

Vt. Man Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping, Killing Niece:

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

Yesterday registered sex offender Michael Jacques pleaded guilty to the 2008 kidnapping, rape and murder of his then 12-year-old niece Brooke Bennett and the subsequent cover-up. As I posted before this was all done sp Jacques could avoid a federal death sentence. That’s all this story has really been all about ever since Jacques anti-death penalty lawyers got involved. For years they delayed justice for Brooke all to prove a point about the death penalty. While this should feel like a victory it doesn’t. Let’s hear from Jacques’ lawyer…

“We just think this was a fair and enlightened way to resolve this case,” his attorney, David Ruhnke, said afterward.

All this was to him was a challenge to see if he could get one of the most heinous criminals in the country out of a death sentence. In my opinion he didn’t care about Jacques and he sure as hell didn’t care about Brooke. All that Ruhnke cared about was a high-profile deal that made him look good.

He won. Justice didn’t.

Michael Jacques to plead guilty in order to avoid death sentence

Feds call off death penalty in Jacques case:

Friday: Jacques to Plead Guilty in Death of 12-Year-Old Niece:

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

It’s been five years since the brutal kidnapping, rape and murder of 12=year-old Brooke Bennett by her sex offender uncle Michael Jacques in Vermont. After all the legal wrangling, delays and outright sheer arrogance of Michael Jacques’ anti-death penalty defense team it seems that a conclusion is finally at hand. Not the conclusion I was hoping for but a conclusion nonetheless.

Vermont has no death penalty however prosecutors alleged that since Jacques used MySpace and the internet not only to contrive and try to cover up his crime that this constituted interstate communication making him eligible for the federal death penalty. Now, according to reports, a plea deal is in the works where Jacques will plead guilty and will be sentenced to life without parole and will waive any appeals. It seems that this deal was made after Jacques high-profile anti-death penalty lawyers requested the deal from US Attorney General Eric Holder.

While I’m glad that the end of this ordeal for Brooke’s family is more than likely coming to a close I am disappointed that Jacques is escaping the needle. That’s all his lawyers ever wanted and Eric Holder has given it to them. For them this is a victory.

No date has been set for when Jacques will enter his plea. If history is any indicator in this case nothing is definite.

This doesn’t feel like justice, it feels more like appeasement.

Teen sentenced to LWOP for murder and rape of 5-year-old girl

Dustin Wallace

Dustin Wallace

Teen who raped and murdered girl, 5, gets life without parole:

In July of 2010 a then 16-year-old Dustin Wallace was arrested for the murder and rape of 5-year-old Sahara Dwight. Wallace’s father was visiting Sahara’s mother when the murder and rape took place in Roseburg, Oregon. As I’ve reluctantly posted before Wallace killed Sahara before raping her.

Wallace’s defense stated that he suffered from Aspereger’s and that if he was on his meds at the time he would not have committed these atrocities. As I’ve said many times before Asperger’s does not limit your ability to tell the difference between right and wrong. If Wallace didn’t know what he did was wrong he wouldn’t have tried to lie to investigators.

So far in my recollection Asperger’s has never been used successfully as a murder defense and it shouldn’t be. There are many people who legitimately have Asperger’s who would all be thought as prospective killers if a defense like that was to ever succeed.

Wallace was charged as an adult and was convicted back in June. This past week Wallace was sentenced to life without parole. I’m sure some people may think that this is an overly harsh sentence, those people are fools. Wallace is a monster and at the very least should be caged like one.

MeetMe perv crosses state lines to rape a 14-year-old girl


Man is accused of crossing state line for sex with teen:

Man accused of taking Hammond girl to Illinois for sex:

Carey Ray, aka Carey West, aka Carey Tyrone-West, (age unknown but we’ll get to that) has been arrested for allegedly taking a 14-year-old special education girl to Illinois for ‘sex’. (We’ll get to that too.)

Ray allegedly met the girl on MeetMe and the pair exchanged hundreds of texts. The girl’s mom finally discovered one of the texts and forbade her from meeting Ray. The girl sent a text back to Ray saying she couldn’t see him because “You know everything. I am 14.”

Apparently that wasn’t enough to stop ray because 3 days later he picked the girl up and took her to a motel in Illinois. Here’s what happened according to one of the articles…

Ray then gave her marijuana and alcohol. After about an hour, he started to undress her. When she objected, he told her he had paid for the room and wanted to use it. He then held her down and had sex with her without a condom, despite the girl trying to fight him off, the affidavit claims.

Held her down and ‘had sex’ huh? After she said no? Last time I checked that meets the definition of rape not ‘had sex’. Neither article mentions the word rape. When as a society we keep referring to rape, or in this case child rape, as having sex it makes the act of rape seem more acceptable by our culture. Words matter.

Also it doesn’t matter what his age is. From 18 to 80 it’s illegal to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. If he’s 16 or 17 he raped a girl, allegedly, which is still against the law. And for those people who say “Well she went with the guy to a motel what did she think would happen?”, first you’re an idiot, secondly the girl is mentally challenged by all accounts, third the girl supposedly said no, if it doesn’t end there it’s rape, lastly you’re an idiot.

WA backpage pimp charged with child rape


Charge: Online pimp rented out, raped runaway girl:

29-year-old David J. Anderson of Yakima, Washington has not only been charged in King County for allegedly prostituting a 14-year-old girl on the Village Voice Media owned Backpage.com but he’s also been charged with raping the girl as well.

When Anderson was arrested by the King County Sheriff’s Office he allegedly used the “I thought she was 19” defense when Sheriffs say that the girl obviously appears to be underage.

First I have to commend the Seattle Post Intelligencer for not only using the word rape in their headline and article but also using the word rent in their headline. That’s was sex trafficking comes down to, rent and rape. Not only do these pimps and traffickers usually rape the girls that work for them but they also rent them out to be raped by anyone willing to fork over the cash.

But continue being part of the ‘solution’ Backpage, you’re doing a hell of a job.

Craigslist ad for child baths leads to arrest for child rape

Eric Bard

Eric Bard

Sidney man charged with raping 4-year-old girl, recording acts:

A concerned citizen in Maine noticed an ad on their local craigslist that was posted by someone who said that were interested in giving baths to young children. I can only imagine what section of craigslist that was on in order to get someone to call police about it. Here’s the amazing part, the ad was actually flagged and wait for it….REMOVED by craigslist. Someone call hell and ask them if their heater’s busted.

Anyway the ad was tracked back to one 22-year-old Eric L. Bard of Sidney, Maine. Apparently the ad was enough probable cause for police to search Bard’s house and what do you think they found? Well after searching his six computers police say they found not only child porn but recordings of Bard allegedly raping a 4-year-old girl that he once baby sat for. Bard also allegedly admitted posting the ad as well.

I’m sure some of you may ask why would a pedophile post such an ad on such a public forum. The answer is simple. Craigslist is now where pedophiles and predators congregate. I’ve posted so many stories where creepers were caught when they though they were responding to a parent who was willing to sell their child on craigslist. That means that actual parents and/or legal guardians are pimping out their kids on craigslist and Bard was probably looking for one of those parents and their child.

While Bard’s ad may have been flagged and pulled there are probably thousands more just like residing on craigslist’s servers.

Michael Jacques trial delayed again until September…of 2013

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques trial delayed until Sept. 2013:

It’s been since Michael Jacques allegedly kidnapped, raped and murdered his niece, 12-year-old Brooke Bennett. Jacques not only used MySpace to groom his niece but also altered Brooke’s MySpace to make it look like she ran away. The trial has been delayed numerous times over the years since it’s a federal death penalty case that’s being tried in Vermont. Now it’s been delayed one more time for another 14 months.

Jacques has a high-profile anti-death penalty defense team and it seems that they have another case to defend that will take up to 6 months. You have got to be kidding me, right?

Brooke Bennett

Brooke Bennett

That’s a picture of Brooke Bennett before she was raped, strangled and killed. If she were alive today she would be getting her driver’s license and thinking about her junior prom in her coming school year. Instead she’s in the ground with her last memory being that of her uncle compressing the life out of her with her bare hands.

Her death cries out for justice not for the placation of a lawyer who has ‘other commitments’.

Killer and rapist of 5-year-old girl goes on trial

Dustin Wallace

Dustin Wallace

Tears flow on witness stand in Roseburg murder trial:

Teen goes on trial in rape and murder of 5-year-old girl:

I haven’t posted about Dustin Wallace in a long time. In 2010 he was arrested for the murder and rape of 5-year-old Sahara Dwight. Disgustingly yes, it was in that order. Along with his father the then 16-year-old Wallace was visiting Sahara’s family in Roseburg, Oregon. Wallace’s father was dating Sahara’s mother. Wallace is said to have punched Sahara in the stomach and put his entire weight on top of her covering her mouth until she stopped moving. Then he raped her.

The reason I first posted about this story is because of Wallace’s age. In Oregon if anyone over the age of 15 is charged with a grave crime like this they’re automatically charged as an adult.

In my last post about Wallace I supposed that the defense would more than like try to raise some kind of mental defect defense even going so far as raising the bogeyman of Autism. I was right.

This past week during Wallace’s trial it was said by the defense that Wallace suffers from Asperger’s This is Trench’s shocked face. 😮

She said the defendant suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which contribute to his lack of impulse control, mood swings, and difficulty relating to others. Although he takes medication for these conditions, Fine said he failed to bring them with him on his visit to Oregon.

To my knowledge Asperger’s has never been successfully used as a murder defense in child or adult and I doubt it will be this time. And again every time that Asperger’s is used as a defense, especially in such a monstrous crime like this, it makes people think that anyone who suffers with Asperger’s legitimately is a killer or child rapist just waiting for an opportunity.

There’s a kid in my extended family who has been medically diagnosed with Asperger’s and he is the nicest, most respectful and talented kid you’d ever want to meet and has not had one incidence of violence. Unfortunately because of self-diagnosed assclowns who are just socially inept and equally ignorant lawyers it’s going to be seen as some kind of killers’ disease if we’re not careful.

And where’s the kid criminal crowd on this one? I have hardly heard a peep out of them in a while. This case is tailor-made for them. The kid is white and claims to be an Aspie. How dare he be charged as an adult.

UPDATE 6/24/2012: Wallace was found guilty on all counts. Sentencing to come at a later date.

Malformed Michigan Breeders charged with molesting 6-month-old daughter

Daniel and Alisha Hall

Daniel and Alisha Hall

Mt. Morris couple charged with sexually abusing their 6-month-old daughter:

I know we’re not supposed to judge people on looks but holy crap do these two look like a couple of Dick Tracy villains.

Anyway Stinkeye and Lowbrow are Daniel and Alisha Hall of Mt. Morris, Michigan. They’re swingers. And no I don’t mean from trees even though I could see why you would think that. No they’re the type that have sex with other couples. Yes, that was hard to type without gagging. It appears that they like to get kids involved in the family hobby.

According to police they received an anonymous tip that the Halls sent a message to another couple through a swingers website asking them if they had a young daughter that wanted to join in. This prompted police to investigate the Halls and they say not only did they find a massive amount of kiddie porn on their computer but they also found pictures of Daniel Hall allegedly raping his own 6-month-old daughter while Alisha Hall took the pictures.

This case even gets more bizarre as Daniel Hall is the son of a convicted rapist who is serving a life term. Hall the younger allegedly told an undercover cop that he was more into kids than his wife.

At his arraignment it seems like Hall acted like this was no big deal

“I would like to get a bond so that I can go back to work (at Ya-Yas) and go back to my church,” he said according to the transcript. “I regularly attend Clio Community Church of God. And I’d just like to be able to go back … (because) I don’t believe I’ve done what they’re saying I’ve done … I don’t belong in here.”

I’m pretty sure that the church is not going to want you around although I’ve been wrong about that before.

Hall claims to have been molested by his rapist father.

People are coming forward saying that Hall may have molested their kids as well.

And to top it all off Alisha Hall is 7 months pregnant. I guess their current daughter was getting too old for his tastes.

This is the not the first time I’ve posted one of these stories. Unfortunately it probably won’t be the last. But every time I post one of these stories the same questions go through my head. First of all how does one approach their wife that they want to molest their own daughter. “Hey hon, what you and I have is great but you know what would make it better? If I raped our infant daughter while you took pictures.” And then for her to agree to that? WHAT THE FUCK?

Scum like this need to be made very public examples. All states should institute the death penalty for parents who rape their children and allow it to happen. And considering there is probable photographic evidence there should be no appeals and it should be carried out on the courthouse steps as soon as the verdict is read. There should be no mercy for Breeders like this who violate the most sacred of trusts that children should have with their parents. Put them down like dogs.

Thanks to Jennifer for the tip and MLive.com for such great coverage.

Pill popper provides pedophile perv with victim

Debra Annmarie Blackmon and Tony Marcel Hammond

Debra Annmarie Blackmon and Tony Marcel Hammond

Man, woman arrested on sex trafficking charges:

Titusville pair accused in sex trafficking of minor:

Woman traded sex with child for pills, police say:

25-year-old Debra Annmarie Blackmon of Titusville, Florida really likes her pills. She likes them so much she was willing to sell a girl she has legal guardianship over to her alleged dealer in a sex for pills trade.

The man she traded the teenage girl to was 23-year-old Tony Marcel Hammond. In exchange for having sex with girl, which on my sites we call child rape, he allegedly gave Blackmon Percocet and….wait for it…you know it’s coming…Oxycodone, aka Oxycontin, aka Hillbilly Heroin. Hammond also provided the girl with weed to, as one article put it, help the girl complete the sex act. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

The girl is now in state custody. Blackmon has been charged with sex trafficking of a minor by legal guardian which carries a maximum 30 year sentence. Hammond has been charged with sex trafficking and procuring a child for prostitution. He’s only looking at 15 years. If you ask me both of them should be sentenced to a life of being prison bitches if you know what I mean.

And the first person who says to me that she’s an addict and that she has a disease can save it. Drug addicts do not have a disease, they have a weakness. People with diseases for the most part don’t choose to have them. Every addict made their choice to put drugs first in their lives. Some to the point where they would sell another human being, possibly their children for sex.

Thanks to Rob Taylor for the tip.