After-school volunteer confesses to trying to pay students for sex

After-school volunteer confesses to trying to pay students for sex
Roosevelt Miller

(Story broke 5/1/2017)

Lending credence to the theory that predators like to put themselves in positions dealing with children, we have one Roosevelt Miller, age 20. He was an after-school volunteer at a middle school in Plantation, Florida. He was arrested for allegedly trying to pay three underage students for sex.

Miller reportedly went around the school and asked children he found attractive to give him their name and cell phone numbers for a sports program that the school didn’t have. He would then harass these students through either text messaging or the mobile messaging app Kik. He would promise the boys money and trips to Disney World in exchange for sex. He would even go as far as calling one of the boys ‘sexy’, and asking him if he was gay.

When arrested, Miller first tried the ‘it was a joke defense’ but has since signed a handwritten confession where he also supposedly admitted to fondling an underage boy at a bus stop.

It’s getting to the point where you can’t trust anybody in positions that we used to trust people implicitly with our children. While I’m not blaming the internet for creating sex offenders and pedophiles, it sure seems to have emboldened them since the advent of the world wide web.

Oklahoma woman accused of sending explicit Snapchat to teen boys

Oklahoma woman accused of sending explicit Snapchat to teen boys
Jennifer J. Hemstreet

(Story broke 4/27/2017)

46-year-old Jennifer J. Hemstreet, of Enid, Oklahoma, was arraigned back in late April for allegedly sending explicit pictures and videos on Snapchat to two teen boys, ages 15 and 17. The 17-year-old was sent nude images of the woman, while the 15-year-old received similar images and explicit videos of her. You see, it’s not just teachers that creep on Snapchat, middle-aged women do too. Speaking of which, since she’s not a young blonde bombshell she’ll probably have the book thrown at her.

This is just another reason why you should not only know what apps your kids are using, but who’s on their friends list as well.

Former school board president wanted “Daddy Daughter Role Play” on craigslist

Former school board president wanted "Daddy Daughter Role Play" on craigslist
Robert Vashaw

(Story broke 4/27/2017)

50-year-old Robert Vashaw was arrested by the Aurora, Colorado police back in September of 2016. Back in April. At the time he was a school board president, but resigned shortly after his arrest. Back in April, Vashaw pleaded guilty to child solicitation charges due to a craigslist ad he posted.

The ad was entitled “Daddy Daughter Role Play” and was not very subtle as to what he wanted.

The ad read in part, “Daddy knows you’ve been a naughty girl. I looked at your computer today and saw all the naked pictures of boys. I’m going to tell Mommy unless you do something for me?? Would you like to play?”

He then started communicating with Aurora police, who were posing as a 12-year-old girl who responded to his ad.

Vashaw: “HI, How old are you?”
Undercover female: “I’m almost 13 … totally understand if ur not cool with that …”
Vashaw: “Wow. That’s so hot.”
Undercover female: “Really.”
Vashaw: “Yes Really. But I don’t want to get in trouble. But I would like to know more.”

When he was arrested, Vashaw claimed that this was absolutely, scout’s honor, the very first time he had tried something like this. His ad sure as hell doesn’t sound like someone who was doing this for the first time. He’s looking at two years in county lockup when he is sentenced at the end of June.

Again, for every craigslist creeper that is caught by police before they can hurt a child, there are scores more out there who are not being caught. If craigslist were to actually spend some of the millions of dollars they make into moderating their ads, just think about how many children could be saved. Instead, pedophiles and sex offenders are using craigslist as their own personal Amazon for children.

Georgia middle school teacher accused of being Snapchat sleaze

Georgia middle school teacher accused of being Snapchat sleaze
Joseph John Scalise Jr.

(Story broke 6/13/2017)

I swear I’m not cherry picking these stories. If I get a Snapchat story about someone who’s not a teacher I promise I’ll post it. Until then…

46-year-old Joseph John Scalise Jr. of Harlem, Georgia, was arrested for allegedly soliciting a 14-year-old girl for explicit pics on Snapchat. Scalise is a middle school teacher, but I have not read if the victim is a student of the school or not. Sclaise has been suspended by the school board pending the outcome of the investigation and trial.

In my last post, I asked why are there an inordinate amount of teachers preying on students and children through Snapchat. My editor and proofreader, Lady Gray, supposes predators like this purposely try to obtain positions where they can work closely with children. I can’t say that’s not a valid hypothesis.

Snapchat sleaze was girls’ high school basketball coach

Snapchat sleaze was girls' high school basketball coach
Michael Engelmann

(Story broke 4/25/2017)

51-year-old Michael Engelmann, of Anaheim, California, was a girls’ basketball coach at an Orange County high school. He was arrested for allegedly harassing a 15-year-old female student from the school on Snapchat for inappropriate photos. He is said to have harassed the girl for not adding him to her Snapchat. Police believe there may be additional victims.

Again, it seems like an inordinate amount of school employees and volunteers get into more trouble with Snapchat than anyone else. Coaches and teachers are supposed to foster children’s education and development, not prey upon them during some of their most vulnerable years.

Louisville RSO wanted a “daughter that needed spoiling” from craigslist

Louisville RSO wanted a "daughter that needed spoiling" from craigslist
David Wayne Phelps

(Story broke 4/22/2017)

43-year-old David Wayne Phelps of Louisville, Kentucky, pleaded guilty to charges of unlawful use of electronic means originating or received within the commonwealth of Kentucky to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited activities. In non-Kentucky law-speak, Phelps placed a craigslist ad that not only said “looking for young white girl younger the better”, but it also mentioned he wanted a “daughter that needed spoiling”. Phelps is on the sex offender registry for a 2008 conviction that involved two minors. Phelps was not supposed to use any kind of electronic communication, including the email address he used for the ad which was Subtle. Instead of finding a ‘daughter’, he was found by the Attorney General Office’s Cyber Crimes Unit who posed as a 15-year-old girl.

We always hear or read the stories of these predators being caught, but for every one we hear of there’s probably more that we don’t hear about where the predator was successful in finding a victim, and craigslist is their playground. It’s well past time that craigslist started to monitor their site to rid it of the predatory filth that dwell there.

Naval Kik kreeper accused of preying on children as ‘girthforu69’

Naval Kik kreeper accused of preying on children as 'girthforu69'
Scott Lee Penny

(Story broke 6/6/2017)

37-year-old Chief Petty Officer Scott Lee Penny, of Norfolk, Virginia, is accused of allegedly soliciting a 13-year-old girl for explicit pictures on mobile messaging app Kik. While using the alias Mike Smith and the oh so tasteful screen name of ‘girthforu69’, Penny was actually conversing with a Homeland Security Agent. During the conversations, Penny is said to have admitted having asked at least one other minor for pictures

U/C – Girls my age actually send naked photos?
PENNY – Right before I started talking to you I was talking to a 14 yo, she sent lots ofpics
U/C – No way!
U/C -1 don’t believe it
PENNY-Oh yeah
PENNY – She was not shy at all
U/C-No way!
PENNY – She definitely liked to playand show offher body
U/C – I don’t believe you
PENNY – Ok, you don’t have to. It doesn’t mean it’s not true. I have no reason to lie
PENNY – I’m so homy baby
U/C – Yea?
PENNY-Yes U/C – (blushing emoticon)

I feel like I need to bleach my clipboard after copying and pasting that.

As I continue to drone on about, Kik is a minefield of sex offenders, pedophiles, and child porn collectors. While you may have a handle on your kids online behavior, other parents may not. If you know someone who might not be as tech savvy as you and has kids with mobile devices like phones and tablets, please share this website with them.

Florida man accused of soliciting 12-year-old on Mocospace

Florida man accused of soliciting 12-year-old on Mocospace
Marcus Wilcox

(Story broke 6/6/2017)

27-year-old Marcus Wilcox of Tampa, Florida, is accused of allegedly soliciting a 12-year-old girl for sex on the gaming and social app Mocospace. Wilcox reportedly first told the girl he was 19 while the girl said she was 14. Then he is said to have told the girl his true age and the girl then told him that she was 12. Wilcox then asked the girl for sex. Thankfully, the 12-year-old girl was actually an investigator for the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. When Wilcox’s car was searched police found a tube of ‘personal lubricant’.

I wonder if the Florida Coalition of Pedo-Defenders will rally behind Wilcox. I have no doubt they think this is nothing more than entrapment and a cash grab. It’s actually neither and one more predator is off the streets.

Las Vegas teacher tells student on Snapchat he wants to ‘turn her out’

Las Vegas teacher tells student on Snapchat he wants to 'turn her out'
Garic Wharton II

(Story broke 6/2/2017)

25-year-old Garic Wharton II was a substitute teacher at a Las Vegas school. He’s accused of allegedly sending inappropriate messages to a 16-year-old female student on Snapchat. Some of the messages reportedly said…

Wharton tells the girl he wants to “turn her out” and that he wishes he could “teach” her, according to the arrest report.

“So we can have our thing on the low? How can I trust you tho (sic)?” the messages read. “If we hookup, I can get in trouble, Do you want that?”

Another message to the student reads, “I wanna dive in and make you scream.”


How can we expect our kids to act appropriately on social media when too many teachers obviously don’t know how?

Florida man posted craigslist ad for ‘daughter’

Florida man posted craigslist ad for 'daughter'
Jonathan L. Petitta

(Story broke 6/2/2017)

40-year-old Jonathan L. Petitta, of Largo, Florida, is accused of allegedly posting an ad on craigslist looking for a daughter. I would imagine he was not looking to start the adoption process. Local police posed as a 14-year-old girl when responding to the ad and they say Petitta sent numerous “graphic and very sexually explicit” text messages and was well aware of the ‘girl’s’ age.

Police believe this may not have been his first contact with a minor.

Police ask anyone who may have been in contact with Petitta to call Detective Moore at 727-587-6730.

Once again craigslist leaves its community policing to the actual police. Heaven forfend they should actually spend the money to hire some moderators.