Social media crime blotter 12/10/2017

Social media crime blotter

Local parent says he discovered teens using Snapchat to buy and sell drugs:
(Bixby, Oklahoma)

Man sentenced for enticing children through app:
40-year-old Aaron Anthony of Idaho Falls sentenced to 2-10 for trying to solicit underage girls through Kik.

A pricey mistake: How to avoid accidental in-app purchases:
Parent lets kid run wild unsupervised on and ends up with a $1000 bill for in-app purchases.

New Jersey man charged with solicitation of a minor:
36-year-old Julio DeJesus of Jersey City, NJ, was arrested for allegedly having explicit conversations with a 15-year-old girl from Tallahassee, Florida, on Facebook, Kik, and Instagram.

Orland Park Man Accused of Selling Pot on Snapchat:
Illinois. Even where it’s legal, it’s still illegal to sell it online.

Defense contractor charged with being a craigslist creeper in Guam

Defense contractor charged with being a craigslist creeper Guam

I can honestly say that in 17 years, this is the first time I’ve ever posted a story about Guam. I’ve been somewhat fascinated with the island for years and would love to visit there someday. Sadly, this is not a story about my travel wishes.

Defense contractor Michael Louis McCarron was staying in Guam when he allegedly responded to a craigslist ad for sex. He is said to have sent pictures of his junk to a female named Brit before asking her age. He also stated he could drive and had access to the naval base there. McCarron then reportedly asked Brit her age to which she replied she was 13. The conversation that followed was almost comical.

On Nov. 2, McCarron asked her age and she replied, “13. Is that okay?”

The investigator’s affidavit states McCarron initially responded, “No, thank you. I am good. Have a good night.”

Two hours later, McCarron allegedly sent three follow-up messages stating, “What is up with a 13-year-old doing this?” “Are you really 13? What were you thinking about doing?” and “I have to admit I am curious … can I see what you look like?”

So he said no, then went back and started tiptoeing around with the girl to see if she was law enforcement. Guess what. She was. Brit was actually an investigator with the Naval Criminal Investigative Section (NCIS). McCarron had a tablet and hard drive seized by investigators.

Now, before the entrapmentists come out, this was not entrapment. If reports are to be believed, he responded to an ad by sending a pic of his tallywhacker before verifying the recipient’s age. That’s legal trouble right there. Then after he said good night I’m good, he went back to messaging the ‘girl’ without provocation. While investigators may have placed the ad, no one was twisting his arm to keep responding. He even communicated with ‘Brit’ for a month and kept sending explicit pics of himself. This is not even remotely close to entrapment.


Pacific Daily News
Guam Daily Post

Two 10-year-old girls solicited over

Two 10-year-old girls solicited over

This is a story from back in October that has been ongoing since March.

38-year-old Bryan Leslie Pringle of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, has been charged with allegedly soliciting two 10-year-old girls from St. Paul, Minnesota, over the music and video sharing app

The girls say Pringle would ask them to send him nude pictures of themselves and videos at least five times over several days.

The girls say they sent some pictures.

The victims say Pringle told them he wanted to meet them at a hotel and have sex with them.

I’ve never seen an app used to try to groom kids this young. Even during the MySpace heydays I wasn’t posting stories about 6-10-year-old kids being preyed upon. This is not an app to let your child be using unattended.

Craigslist creeper busted in shelter for teen sex scheme

Craigslist creeper busted in shelter for teen sex scheme

Winston Blacker

52-year-old Winston Blacker of St. Ann, Missouri, has been arrested for allegedly soliciting underage sex on craigslist. According to St. Louis County Police, Blacker reportedly placed an ad on craigslist that was “offering shelter to teen girls.” I’m sure it was purely out of the goodness of his heart and he had no other ulterior motives, except when investigators responded to the ad posing as a 14-year-old girl and he agreed to meet the girl at local motel. He was probably there just to read passages from the Gideon Bible with the girl.

Once again, this is your clientele craigslist. Facebook was recently criticized by Congress for not being able to control its own power. It would be a shame if legislators started looking in your direction to see all the predators you allow to use your ads that you refuse to moderate.

Craigslist creeper brought child to sex meet up

Craigslist creeper brought child to sex meet up

James Taylor

25-year-old James Taylor, of Quechee, Vermont, thought he had a friend (see what I did there) in a 15-year-old girl he was allegedly meeting for sex through craigslist. Instead, it turned out to be the police from West Lebanon, New Hampshire. The West Lebanon police received a tip about a craigslist ad that appeared to be posted by someone looking for underage children. Police posed as a 15-year-old girl and set up a meeting with Taylor at a baseball field. To the surprise of even the police, Taylor is said to have had his two-year-old child in tow with him when he was set to meet the girl at a baseball field.

Taylor has been charged with both child solicitation and child endangerment. The child is now in custody of the child’s mother. But honestly, who takes their kid to an illegal sex meet up with a teenager? Your typical craigslist creeper, that’s who. Sadly this is not the first instance of one of these cretins bringing their kids with them to something like this, and until craigslist decides to start monitoring its ads for creeps like this it won’t be the last.

Union Leader
Vermont Standard

Fifty Shades of Craigslist Creeper

Fifty Shades of Craigslist Creeper

Matthew William Tolkinen

Federal investigators allegedly caught 46-year-old Matthew William Tolkinen, of St. Paul, Minnesota, creeping on craigslist for underage girls. The investigators posted an ad on craigslist posing as a 13-year-old girl looking for someone to take her to one of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies. Investigators say Tolkinen responded to their ad the next day.

Tolkinen is said to have referred to himself as ‘daddy’, of course. He also reportedly turned the conversation sexual with investigators posing as the girl. This included Tolkinen saying he wanted to take the girl’s virginity and sending pics of his junk.

When he was finally arrested, Tolkinen claimed he only had sexual conversations with women over 21, then it was 18, then he finally admitted to talking to the 13-year-old ‘girl’, but said he did it to arouse the girl and not himself. Law enforcement couldn’t argue with that logic and promptly let him go. Just kidding, he’s been charged with one felony count of soliciting a child online to engage in sexual conduct.

Not surprisingly, the ad investigators posted was in craigslist’s infamous casual encounters section where most of these child solicitation stories originate. Craigslist refuses to moderate this section in any way shape or form and I highly doubt they worked with the investigators in this instance. The only way to get craigslist to stop allowing ads posted by predators is to stop using craigslist. Sadly, that won’t happen because as a society we’re more concerned with the convenience of craigslist rather than any of its victims.

8-year-old allegedly solicited for explicit pics on

8-year-old allegedly solicited for explicit pics on

This story is a month old but I’m posting it anyway because it shows a continuing and disturbing trend.

In Centreville, Utah, an 8-year-old girl was allegedly solicited for explicit pics on the music sharing app is a social app where you can share short videos set to music. Users can also message each other through the app.

According to Centerville police, an online predator tried coercing an 8-year-old girl on the app into taking her clothes off…

At first, the person asked the young girl for a picture of her face, then asked for one of her clothed body. And later, the person asked for a picture of “her stomach a little,” according to the warrant.

The person kept asking for more pictures, revealing a little more each time until the person eventually requested nude photos. The unknown person “sent 14 consecutive messages asking (the girl) to send a picture,” the warrant states.

“Pull your pants down like I asked u to do,” and “take it off now,” were among the messages sent, the warrant states. “Its just between me and nobody will see. plzs trust me. plzs I’m crying again.”

When the girl refused the predator tried extorting the 8-year-old girl into sending explicit pics by threatening to post their conversation publicly on the app.

At the time the article was posted, no arrest had been made.

BUT WHY ARE PARENTS ALLOWING KIDS THIS YOUNG ON A SOCIAL APP BY THEMSELVES??? This isn’t our first story about this happening on The past victims were 6 and 7 years old. No child this young should ever be allowed on any social app unsupervised and in reality, shouldn’t be allowed on this app at all. isn’t supposed to be used by anyone under the age of 13 according to their terms of service.

If you’re letting your kids use on their own, you’re basically opening a window for predators to come into your home.

WI craigslist creeper tried using Backpage as an excuse

WI Craigslist creeper tried using Backpage as an excuse

James Gnewikow

Captain Combover up there is 65-year-old James Gnewikow of Wilton, Wisconsin. According to police from Holmen, Wisconsin, about 50 miles away, Gnewikow allegedly placed an ad on craigslist looking for a “real female, any age.”

Holmen police responded to the ad posing as a 15-year-old girl. Gnewikow is said to have offered the ‘girl’ money for sex after finding out her age. When police arrested him at the predetermined meeting place. Gnewikow reportedly told officers that he was there to meet an adult woman from Backpage. So basically he was there to meet a prostitute rather than an underage girl.

I’ll say this much, that’s a pretty good strategy. If police buy it, you only get arrested for soliciting a prostitute instead of a child. Good in theory but horrible in execution because if the police are already there waiting for you, or show up right after you arrive, they already know why you’re there.

Ohio teacher sends nude Snapchat to student

Ohio teacher sends nude Snapchats to student

You know, it’s gotten to the point every time I see a story about a teacher sending out nude pics on Snapchat, I almost automatically assume it’s a female teacher ‘seducing’ a younger male student. Imagine my surprise when I clicked on the link to the news article to find this…

Ohio teacher sends nude Snapchat to student

Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith is a substitute teacher who worked at the Scioto County, Ohio, schools. He’s accused of allegedly sending a nude Snapchat of himself to a female student and trying to get the girl to come to his home for sex.

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What 67-year-old man thinks that a teenage girl is going to want to have sex with them? Unless you’re filthy rich or Taylor Swift’s grandfather, they’re not.

Also, my usual advice to parents applies here as well. Check your kids’ devices to know what apps they’re using and who their friends are on these apps. Be their parent, not their buddy. In this digital age there comes a time when you have to stop being the ‘cool’ parent and be a real parent.

Craigslist creeper needed help with a ‘taboo interest’

Craigslist creeper needed help with a 'taboo interest'

Steven Lee May

Back in July, 26-year-old Steven Lee May was arrested by police in Norfolk, Virginia, after allegedly soliciting sex from an undercover officer. May was said to have posted a craigslist ad that was entitled “Need help, taboo interest – m4m”, and according to reports, the ad asked anyone who knew a child between 9 and 14 to contact them.

Norfolk police responded to the ad posing as someone who had access to a 12-year-old child. Police say that May asked them to download the app Wickr, an anonymous messaging app. I’ll be getting into more detail about Wickr here. May reportedly said that he would pay $150 to ‘have sex’ with the 12-year-old. A meeting was set and May was arrested at the meeting with $160, lube and condoms.

At last report, May was released on bond, but under the bond agreement he had to move in with his parents in the western part of Virginia and could not have any access to electronic devices.

How bad is it on craigslist when the predators are just openly asking for children in their preferred age range? Better yet, why is craigslist still allowing these ads to be placed on their website? Lastly, why are people still using craigslist when it harbors potential and actual child molesters within its platform?