AGs to meet with craigslist in NYC tomorrow

3 AGs to meet with Craigslist over sexual ads:

Attorneys General from Missouri, Illinois and Connecticut, Chris Koster, Lisa Madigan and Richard Blumenthal respectively, will be meeting with representatives from craigslist in New York City tomorrow. Those three represent a group of AGs who entered into the much-lauded agreement with craigslist in November. The goal of the meeting is to see what can be done about the erotic services ads.

I have a few questions about this meeting. The first is will Jim Buckmaster or Craig Newmark be there to represent craigslist or will they send one of their 28 other employees. I wouldn’t put it past craigslist to send some bewildered intern. “Hey Johnny, do you want to take a trip to New York?” I’m digressing again.

Secondly will the Attorneys General actually accomplish something at this meeting or will it be just more feel good PR for them so they can go back to their constituents so they can say “Look’ we’re doing something about it.” And where were the AGs before Julissa Brisman was killed? There’s nothing like knee jerk legislation.

I’m not saying that craigslist needs to be federally regulated but I do think they have a responsibility to their users to keep them from getting killed.

Missouri AG demands meeting with craigslist

Mo. Attorney General Investigating Craigslist:

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster was one of the Attorneys General who also foolishly, in my opinion, entered into an agreement with craigslist thinking that they would actually do something about their erotic services section. Now he is demanding a meeting with representatives from craigslist in the next two weeks. He is also launching an investigation into craigslist but what that investigation entails is as of yet unknown.

Again I have to ask where he was before the murder of Julissa Brisman. It’s amazing how the media can dictate public policy when I’ve been screaming this from the rooftops for over two years. But hey I’m just some blogger.