Gorenographer wants your two dollars

Back when I was researching the “Gore for Porn” story I signed up to the site to see what I could find, which was not much. Anyway, now that Gorenographer Chris Wilson is behind bars I received this e-mail…

In case you have not already heard, due to the recent national media attention relating to the war pictures local law enforcement decided to arrest Chris. If you would like to know more please visit (website removed) At this time he is asking for your help in the form of donations towards his legal fund. The minimum donation is $2. Thanks for all of your support and all donations will go a long way in fighting this injustice.

Lindsey (Good friend of Chris’)

Now while I do believe Mr. Wilson was jailed under dubious circumstances I’m giggling like a schoolgirl that he’s behind bars. Now I’m trying to think of things I’d rather do with $2 then try to get this death merchant released from jail.

  1. Play the Lottery
  2. Pay the toll to get into Philly
  3. Get a McMuffin
  4. Tuck it into a stripper’s thong
  5. Buy less than a gallon of gas
  6. Buy 2/3 of a pack of smokes
  7. Exchange it for Canadian quarters
  8. Use it as toilet paper

Anybody else have any suggestions on what I should do with my $2?

Gorenographer behind bars

Arrest raises issues about obscenity, local standards, Web:

Remember the gore for porn website I talked about where servicemen and women serving in Iraq or Afghanistan can get free membership to an amateur porn site in exchange for graphic images of dead terrorists and sometimes even civilians? It turns out the webmaster, Chris Wilson, is in jail on local obscenity charges. I’m torn because while I don’t agree with the way local officials charged him I do have to chuckle that this sleazeball is behind bars.

Army to investigate gore for porn

Website: U.S. troops traded Iraq photos for porn access:

It seems that the mainstream media has picked up on the gore for porn story about US Soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan who trade graphic pictures of dead insurgents and innocents for membership to an amateur porn site. The Army is launching their own investigation into the matter. Col. Joseph Curtin said that this kind of behavior could constitute a violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice but there is no criminal investigation.

The webmaster of the site, an assclown from Florida (of course) by the name of Chris Wilson seems prickishly smug over the whole affair…

Wilson, of Lakeland, Florida, said the military hasn’t contacted him about the postings or the anonymous posters and he doesn’t “suspect they’d have reason to.”

“It would be a matter of free speech,” he said. “Since I’m not a member of the military, I’m not bound by the laws of the military.”

I hate it when scumbags like this wrap themselves in the first amendment. They’re entitled to free speech of course but they act like patriots when they’re nothing more than death dealers. To me, they’re a friggin’ disgrace to the Constitution.

I’m hoping the karma train pulls into his station.

TOF to Zappa Crappa.