Racine man posed as teen on Stickam

Racine man allegedly had online contact with teen:

I have to commend Stickam. Not only did they remove the private room feature on their site but when they introduced a paid feature for private rooms they specifically mentioned that nudity or anything sexual will not be permitted. They’ve come a long way. However that doesn’t mean that parents should be any less vigilant with their children.

45-year-old Thomas Haas of Racine, Wisconsin allegedly posed as a 17-year-old on Stickam calling himself “Chriss Jensen”. On Stickam he met a 14-year-old girl from Athens, Georgia and the two exchanged explicit pictures of themselves. Haas also allegedly sent the girl lingerie and used his own 12-year-old son to pose as his fictional 12-year-old brother.

The victim’s father found out who in turn contacted police.

The sick parts are that Haas told police that they were ‘just talking’ and didn’t think they were doing anything wrong and that the girl still has feelings for Haas even though she now knows his real age and identity.

Again I have to reiterate no 14-year-old needs a webcam and should not have one especially if you allow them to have their computer in their room. While we’re at it kids shouldn’t have computers in their room anyway. They should be in a common area of the house so that parents could keep an eye on their activity.