Was this the first craigslist murder?

Trial near for accused killer of Central Texan who answered online car ad:

Before the murder of Katherine Ann Olson and before I was really chronicling craigslist crimes there was the murder of 21-year-old Christian Marton in June of ’07 in Dallas, Texas.

Marton responded to an ad for a used car but there was no car for sale. Police allege that it was a robbery plot by 26-year-old Kendrick Demus and 24-year-old George Carter to rob Marton of the $2000 asking price. Police say that Carter shot and killed Marton after demanding money from him.

Demus’ trial started this week on capital murder charges.

To my recollection that brings the number of murders where craigslist was involved to four.

UPDATE: Demus was convicted.