Of God and the Psychopath

The Columbine Diaries: Old Wounds … New Passions:

I’m usually not to one to force my religious beliefs on others but I don’t hide the fact that I’m a Christian. And by Christian I mean one who tries to follow in the teachings of Christ and believes that Christ is the son of God. Not, “bible-beating zealot who thinks you’re going to hell because you don’t believe in the same things I do”. Now having said that let me share this article with you about a youth pastor from Littleton, Colorado…

I was a youth pastor in Littleton with a youth group made up primarily of Columbine students. In fact, for a time the Bernall family attended our church and Cassie attended some of our meetings. I had made an appointment to meet a student on the Columbine campus for lunch on April 20th, but that morning I woke up feeling very sick and decided to stay home. At 11:30 I got a phone call from one of my interns who was sobbing and urging me to turn on the television.

At first the images struck me as a fire at the school, but within seconds the cold hard reality of what was really going on sunk in to my conscious mind.

The unthinkable was happening. If you were old enough to remember that day, you know what I’m talking about. A quiet suburban neighborhood was transformed into a war zone, except instead of soldiers being shot, there were innocent teens going through hell on earth.

Over the next several months I met with each of my students who were there to let them pour out their anger and grief, and somehow try to answer the unanswerable question of why God would allow this to happen.

Now seven years later the old wounds are reopened with the release of over 900 pages of documents from the killers. Inside you’ll find what you probably expected…angst, hate, vitriolic diatribes, and even a glimpse into the thinking patterns of a psychopath and a depressive.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t excited about the release of these diaries, I don’t enjoy reliving the feelings of that day. Yet as I have processed things the past few days, I was given an insight that hadn’t occurred to me before.

Perhaps sometimes when old wounds are opened, new passion is born. And that is the case with me today. I work with a ministry that is trying to reach every teen in America with the life changing message of the gospel, and we believe with all our hearts that the message of Christ is the answer to violence in the schools.

One of saddest entries in these diaries is from one of the killers who hoped to find peace in the afterlife. The tragedy of that is that the peace he sought was available to him in this life, and perhaps if he would have found it, 15 families would still have their loved ones. Our hope and prayer is that God will take the calamity and heartbreak of Columbine and use it to reach thousands, even millions of anger ridden students who may simply be looking for peace.

Say what you will about religion but maybe if Harris and Klebold had a little more “Thou shalt not kill” in their lives we wouldn’t even be discussing this.

Halloween Sunday

Halloween on Sunday troubles some Southerners:

Before I get to the heart of the article I just wanted to point out one thing. The headline says “southerners” yet at the very end of the article, they quote a police lieutenant from Michigan. I guess they mean south of Canada.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Ah yes. It’s that time of year. The leaves are changing colors. There’s a chill in the air. And all the religious nuts have their holy underwear in a bunch over Halloween. Let’s read some quotes…

“It’s a day for the good Lord, not for the devil,” said Barbara Braswell, who plans to send her 4-year-old granddaughter Maliyah out trick-or-treating in a princess costume on Saturday instead.

“You just don’t do it on Sunday,” said Sandra Hulsey of Greenville, Georgia. “That’s Christ’s day. You go to church on Sunday, you don’t go out and celebrate the devil. That’ll confuse a child.”

Come on people. Get over yourselves already. It’s not “the devils day”. If there were any evil connotations to Halloween it’s long been forgotten. It’s a time for kids to get candy. That’s it. Anyone who uses Halloween as an evil holiday is usually a bunch of mutants who think they’re badass or something. Don’t rob your kids of a childhood just because you’re an overzealous wingnut. I’m sure the stories will get more interesting as we get closer to Halloween.