Los Alamos guard accused of pimping out wife on craigslist

Police: Guard pimped wife on Craigslist:

In case you didn’t know Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico is where the U.S. government keeps its most closely guarded nuclear secrets, among other tings. So who has been entrusted to guard these secrets? Well it would be unfair of be to condemn the Los Alamos guards as a whole because of one idiot but said idiot is accused of pimping his wife out on craigslist.

One of the men entrusted to guard national secrets is Christopher Anaya of Albuquerque. He allegedly pimped out his wife on craigslist in order to help pay the bills. Here’s a thought Barney, why don’t you get a 2nd job instead of pimping out your wife. Or how about selling some of your toys that I bet you have like a big screen plasma TV. Or are you just one of those freaks that likes to degrade his wife?