Scumbag child trafficker arrested in Stockton, CA

Christopher Chessman

Christopher Chessman

Stockton man, Christopher Chessman, charged with pimping:

That fucking scumbag is 22-year-old Christopher Chessman of Stockton, California and he’s an ‘alleged’ lowlife child trafficker.

He’s been arrested for prostituting several underage girls as young as 13. As most lowlife pimps/traffickers do he took the girls’ money and intimidated them with threats of violence and beatings.

This is one part of the equation on how to stop human trafficking is to arrest the pimps. The problem is that we’ve become a nation of pussies and no one wants to put criminals in jail for any serious amount of time.

Garbage like this need to be put in jail for life, or executed for all I care.

This is the type of scum that you’re supporting when you ‘hobbyists’ can’t stop thinking with your dick and need to get a hooker. But it’s a victimless crime right? Not a fucking chance.