Milwaukee foster breeder kills nephew

Foster mother charged with killing boy, abusing girl:

Infant Christopher L. Thomas Jr. and his 2-year-old sister were removed from their parents care. Their mother had mental problems and their father was sent to jail on drug charges. They were both placed with caring foster parents. For some reason when the foster parents who were taking care of Christopher tried to adopt him Christopher and his sister were moved into the care of their aunt Crystal P. Keith. Keith began abusing them almost immediately…

Keith told police, whom she called to her home Monday, that she repeatedly slapped Christopher in the face for not eating, according to the criminal complaint. She said she choked him, hung him upside down and pressed his head on the floor. At some point, the infant’s eyes rolled back into his head and he began to vomit. He stopped breathing. She then stuck the handle of a hairbrush down Christopher’s throat, she said, in order to revive him.

Christopher died the next day.

Christopher’s sister would endure scaldings from Keith. Keith would bandage over the blisters but then the blisters would burst adhering the bandages to her flesh.

Maybe someone with a little more knowledge can enlighten me. Why would the state take Christopher out of the original foster parents home because he was going to be adopted?

Thanks to Nurse Sarah for the tip.