Another Weeder Breeder takes pics of his kid with pot

Christopher Lee Bradley

Father Takes Photo Of Toddler Playing With Marijuana:

Portland man accused of letting son, 2, handle marijuana:

Again, who says pot doesn’t make you stupid? Or is it your stupid to smoke pot? Either way we have another burnout Breeder who thought it would be funny to take pics of his kid with weed.

In Portland, Tennessee police were called to the house of Christopher Lee Bradley on a domestic dispute call. Allegedly Bradley dragged his wife by the hair down a hallway and when she locked herself in a bathroom he tried breaking down the door. I thought dope smokers were supposed to be mellow.

Anyway after police arrived the wife is said to have told police about pictures on Bradley’s cell phone of the kid handling a decent amount of weed. One such picture is below.

Kid looks like a pro

Bradley has been charged with domestic assault and a felony charge of child neglect.

Remember kids, no matter how cool or helpful you think weed is it’s still illegal. Not to mention that you shouldn’t have this shit around your kids anyway.

Thanks to Nicole for the tip.