Homeless MySpace creeper found in closet

Christopher Lee Davis

Christopher Lee Davis

Police: Homeless Man Found Hiding in Teen’s Closet:

Police in Clarksville, TN arrested 20-year-old Christopher Lee Davis after and charged him with statutory rape after he was found in the closet of a 14-year-old girl.

Davis is homeless and has been for three years but still managed to meet the girl through MySpace. The girl snuck Davis into her Grandmother’s house where she was staying. It seems that a 5-year-old relative dimed out Davis to Grandma. When grandma went to the girl’s room she found Davis in the closet in only his boxers. The girl allegedly admitted that they had sex and the girl was said to have several sets of hickeys. Classy.

Granny detained Davis until police arrived. Go Granny. So when Davis gets to prison not only will he be there for being a child toucher but he also was detained by a Grandmother. They’re going to love him inside.

Notice his middle name by the way. The male middle names of Lee, Ray and Wayne almost guarantee a criminal record.