Trashy boyfriend uses stun gun on 5-year-old

Police: Man Zaps 5-Year-Old With Stun Gun:

One of the themes at one of my other blogs News of Doom, which is almost a companion site to PBB, is women who leave their kids with their violent, stupid, and all around trash boyfriends. This is one of those stories except the Doom is turned down to about a 3.

I don’t know if he was left alone with his girlfriend’s kid but he must have been since 23-year-old Christopher Patrick Sullivan of Lexington, Ky. is on the run from police. It seems that he didn’t like the way his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son answered his homework question so Sullivan zapped him with a stun gun.

When you see this douchebag’s mugshot you won’t be surprised.

The moral of the story is ladies, don’t leave your kids with your trashy and violent boyfriend.