Louisiana MySpace sting

Santa’s Helpers child predator operation:

This is a story about an internet sting that took place recently in Louisiana.

In Acadia Myspace.com helped the Acadia parish sheriff’s department and the Attorney General’s office take alleged child predators off the street.

Christopher Patton, Mark Whitney, Troy Kimble, and Robert Brenneman were arrested during the sting, which involved setting up fake Myspace profiles of underage girls to which the suspects allegedly responded and set up meetings.

“There are a number of statutes that play. The person who exposes himself on his webcam has violated the law. The person who arranges to meet a child for sex is breaking the law. The person who asks for child porn has violated the law. The typical has violated all three.

And it just wouldn’t be Christmas without the MySpace profiles of at least some of the suspects.

I was able to find the MySpaces of Patton, Kimble, and Brenneman.

Thanks to Kirk M. for the tip.