Canadian man gets 3 years for leaving his daughters to die in the cold

Sask. dad gets 3-year term in daughters’ deaths:

In January of 2008 Christopher Pauchay got so blind stinking drunk that he took both of his daughters, Kaydance, 3, and Santana, 15 months, out into the -50 degree wind chill Saskatchewan winter. He had previously refused his brother-in-law’s offer to look after the girls. Did I mention that the girls were only dressed in t-shirts and diapers?

Pauchay was found on a neighbors doorstep almost frozen to death. It wouldn’t be for another 8 hours until he was able to say what happened to his daughters. They were found frozen to death in the snow.

While not an intentional murder you’d still think it would warrant some serious jail time, not so in Canada. Pauchay only received three years for his selfish act of inebriation that cost his daughters’ lives.

Pauchay is what the Canadian media refers to as an aboriginal, what we in the States would either call an Indian or Native American depending on your level of political correctness. The elders in his community requested to the judge that he receive a conditional sentence to be served at home on the reserve, basically house arrest. You would think that with the problem of alcohol abuse so common among the native tribes of North America that the elders would want to make an example out of Pauchay. Maybe they think protecting their own is more important.

Not like he got a real sentence anyway.

Thanks to J&K for the tip.