Village Voice Media says they’re not the big bad monster


Underage Sex Trafficking — The Myths, The Meeting:

This is a blog post from the Village Voice Media owned Miami New Times by Chuck Strouse. In case you didn’t know Village Voice Media owns the highly controversial After craigslist shut down their erotic services sections worldwide backpage became the online leader of prostitution and human trafficking ads.

Anyway Mr. Strouse tries defending backpage by claiming that Super Bowl/human trafficking theorem is a myth. Why yes that is flawed logic. I present exhibit A…

​If you believe the Other Voices column published in the Miami Herald Sunday, Village Voice Media is a big bad monster. After all, we own, which is the “market leader in online sex ads.” And those ads allegedly traffic millions of underage girls — particularly this week, when the Super Bowl is taking place in Dallas.

Problem is, as former Cleveland Scene editor and my buddy Pete Kotz points out in a story that went up on our website today. The Super Bowl tie is a bunch of baloney.

Let’s just say that the Super Bowl weekend increase in prostitution and human trafficking is a myth. How in the hell does that absolve from continuing to carry ads that are obviously for prostitution? Not to mention that in a lot of cases prostitution can be nothing more than sexual slavery.

Then Mr. Strouse toes the company line…

Moreover, there are 18 safeguards that stop underage prostitutes from advertising — or being advertised — on Backpage.

Yet they’re still being offered on backpage.

Mr. Strouse goes on to say the numbers of underage victims are exaggerated. So what if they are? As long as one child is being sold into sexual slavery on backpage it’s one too many.

Makes me wonder if Mr. Strouse is a purveyor of the adult ads on backpage.