Central High shooter’s sister captured

Ciara Siler

Ciara Siler

Knoxville woman wanted for murder nabbed in Atlanta:

Ciara Siler was wanted in Knoxville, TN for the shooting murder of Jerri Lynn Goodman. US Marshals and Knoxville police have been looking for her for two months. Marshals finally apprehended her in Atlanta.

Ciara Siler is the adoptive sister of Jamar Siler. Jamar Siler is in juvenile custody for the shooting death of 15-year-old Ryan McDonald at Central High in Knoxville.

It seems the Siler family like to settle their disputes all in the same way, behind a coward’s gun.

I guess the rest of the family will have to alternate which prison they have to go visit.

More on the Central High shooting

More details are emerging about yesterday’s shooting at Central High School in Knoxville.

The victim Ryan McDonald suffered from Alopeica which is a disease that leaves you bald. According to family members he was teased horribly because of it. So maybe this is not unlike the E.O. Green shooting where the victim was the one actually being harassed.

As I mentioned yesterday the shooter is 15-year-old Jamar Siler. His sister, 22-year-old Ciara S. Siler, is a wanted fugitive in another shooting murder. The elder Siler allegedly shot and killed Jerri Lynn Goodman and is believed to be hiding out in the housing projects of Nashville. Jamar Siler was adopted into that family so it makes an interesting argument for nurture over nature.

Now tell me if this sounds like someone who deserved to be shot because I’m sure there is someone out there that will say that he did…

According to his uncle, Ryan already had a desire to help others — particularly those with challenges to overcome.

“He wanted to work with children. He was going to Helen Ross McNabb, and they would work with him there,” Roger says. “And I think he saw that he could help kids, because of stuff he had been through.”

Also according to that article donations in Ryan’s name can be sent here.

Also like I said yesterday Jamar Siler is being charged with first degree murder. Prosecutors have said they’re not sure yet if they will seek to have him tried as an adult. By now you should know my thoughts on that. Siler also had his probation revoked but his previous charge has not been made public.

Apparently Siler had quite the family support for his court appearance yesterday…

Siler’s adoptive mother and his custodian, a woman identified by the judge as his sister, were both in court, along with his biological mother and grandmother, plus several other family members.

Some of those family members say Siler’s biological mother lost custody of her six children years ago.

Quite the family history but still no excuse for murder.

Parents have been saying that there has been a lack of discipline in the school.

According to this article both victim and suspect had minor run ins with the law. It didn’t say what Ryan McDonald’s transgressions were but it did say that Siler had previously been cited for public intoxication.

The school flew the flag at half mast today.

Police are now saying that they know the motive behind the shooting but will only say it wasn’t gang or race related. They say the motive will be revealed on the 28th when a court hearing is scheduled.