Traffic stop turns into strange Breeder arrest

Traffic Stop Leads To Mountain Of Charges For Man:

Here’s why you should never do anything illegal with your kids. Besides the fact that it’s just wrong and dangerous for your kids they will dime you out.

For example, take Timothy Allen Hall of Florida. He was close to his home when he was pulled over for speeding. Hall smelled of alcohol according to police and did not have any identification on him. That’s because his license had been suspended several times.

Hall then asked the officer if he could check on his kids who were in the house they happened to be in front of. That’s when Hall’s five year old daughter came running screaming from the house. When police looked inside they found Hall’s 2-year-old daughter with a cigarette dangling from her mouth. It was not lit, she was chewing on it. The 5-year-old hugged the trooper and told her that her dad had left them home alone. Police also found pot inside the residence and the house was a mess. Hall also had other outstanding warrants.

It really doesn’t pay to act like trailer trash when you have children.