The Mama and the Cop Killer

The Mama and the War President by Mumia Abu-Jamal:

You know, I wasn’t going to jump on the whole Cindy Sheehan thing but when my least favorite convicted cop killing scumbag, Mumia Abu Jamal, has something to say about it I’m on it like Michael Moore on a turkey leg. For the most part it’s the usual leftist rhetoric but as usual, I have a part of his “article” that I have a serious problem with…

Cindy Sheehan has every right to be in Crawford and every right to protest the bogus war that snatched the young promising life of her son, Casey. She knows as thousands of other mothers and fathers have come to know that their sons and daughters did not die to bring democracy. Their lives were lost to insure the wealth and maintenance of princes, kings and presidents, of corporate directors of Halliburton, of the rights of the elite, not the working many.

Oh really? So tell me what did Daniel Faulkner die for? You know him. The guy you shot and killed. The man who your bullets were found in his body. The man whose wife you made a widow 25 years ago. Did he die to ensure the wealth and maintenance of princes, kings, and presidents, of corporate directors of Halliburton, of the rights of the elite? No, he died because you killed him. He died for just doing his job. He died because he pulled your brother over for going the wrong way on a one-way street. Your entire following and celebrity were built on the blood of Daniel Faulkner. Now, who is taking advantage of the working man?

I can’t wait for your death sentence to be reinstated. One less cop killing scumbag in the world. Rot in hell.

And Cindy Sheehan, you’ve been endorsed by a cop killer. How does that make you feel?