Final suspect in craigslist home invasion murder sentenced


123 year sentence for final convict in Craigslist murder trial:

The trials for the four people accused of killing James Sanders in a home invasion robbery has finally come to an end. The last suspect, Clabon Berniard, was sentenced this week to 124 years in prison.

Mr. Sanders was killed during a home invasion after posting an ad on craigslist selling a diamond ring.

Berniard’s big defense was that he wasn’t there at the time of the murder which I believe is called the ‘not me defense’.

In total all four suspects received a total combined sentence of 417 years.

While the court proceedings may be over for the killers it will never be over for the family of the late James Sanders.

UPDATE 6/30/2014: Berniard’s conviction has been tossed due to what could almost be considered hearsay testimony by police. He will be retried.

UPDATE 4/27/2015: Berniard has been convicted again of first degree murder. His new sentencing is scheduled for mid-June.

UPDATE 6/22/2015: Berniard was re-sentenced to 97 years behind bars.

UPDATE 1/17/2017: Berniard has lost an appeal where he claimed that improper evidence was allowed into trial, and that his sentence was too severe.

Final suspect in craigslist home invasion murder convicted


Fourth defendant convicted of murder in Craigslist killing:

This past Monday Clabon Berniard was found guilty in the craigslist home invasion murder of James Sanders. If you’ll recall Berniard and 3 of his cohorts shot and killed Mr. Sanders after the victim posted a diamond ring for sale on craigslist in Kirkland, Washington.

Berniard is scheduled to be sentenced on September 9th. His three cohorts all received life sentences or more so I expect Berniard to receive a similar sentence.

Unfortunately none of this will bring Mr. Sanders back to his family but at least justice is being somewhat served.

3rd suspect sentenced in craigslist home invasion murder


100-year sentence for man convicted in Craigslist shooting:

After being convicted earlier this month in the home invasion murder of James Sanders, 20-year-old Joshua Reese was sentenced to 100 years in prison.

Previously I thought that Reese was only looking at 71 years but this is even better.

James Sanders widow, Charlene Sanders, puts it best…

“I’m in my jail every day when I don’t have my husband and my boys don’t have their father,” she said. “So I think justice was served.”

Reese is not the only suspect to get a century in jail. The gunman who murdered James Sanders, Kiyoshi Higashi, was sentenced to 124 years.

The last suspect, Clabon Berniard, is expected to go on trial sometime later this year.

Update on craigslist home invasion murder

Craigslist Killing Suspect Seen Sobbing In Jail Cell:

Awwwww, isn’t this a shame. Amanda Knight, one of the suspects in the craigslist home invasion murder of James Sanders, was crying when she surrendered to police. Don’t you feel sorry for her?

I’m sure no one was crying at James Sanders’ house the night he was killed. Suck it up bitch. You knew what you were getting into now a man is dead because of your greed.

And what the hell were you going to use the money for anyway. Nothing that is worth a man’s life I’m sure.

Wash. Craigslist killing suspects plead not guilty:

All four suspects in the case, Knight, along with Clabon T. Berniard, who surrendered to police, Kiyoshi Higashi and Joshua Reese have all entered pleas of not guilty. They are all being held on bonds of $2M each.

Police also believe that Higashi was the actual triggerman in James Sanders murder.

4th craigslist home invasion murder suspect ID’d

4th Suspect Identified, Charged In Craigslist Murder:

A 4th suspect has been named in the craigslist home invasion murder of James Sanders.

Police say that 23-year-old Clabon Berniard is wanted on first degree murder charges and a nationwide warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Already in custody are Joshua Nathan Reese, 20, Kiyoshi Alan Higashi, 22, and Amanda Knight, 21.

Knight has had her bond set at $2M while her cohorts Reese and Higashi are not fighting extradition from California to Washington.

All three of them have also pleaded not guilty.