We get letters…

I got the following e-mail from a guy calling himself Matt about the two Hall brothers from Michigan who were accused of using a blow torch on 6-year-old boy’s anus for soiling himself.

The trial ended in a mistrial. It was clear from the evidence that the Michigan State Police lied in their news releases, lied in their investigation and hid evidence that would help show the brothers’ innocence. The boy stated he was burned on a green picnic table in a sandy backyard with a tool from a tool shed. The brothers did not have a backyard as their house was on the edge of a river, they did not have a shed or a picnic table. The mother who called the police on the brothers however did have a green picnic table, a sandy backyard and a tool shed. Did I mention she had years of child abuse claims against her? Case closed. These innocent men have been in jail for almost a year. If I was you, I would remove the false article (slander/libel) before they sue you. Have a great day and check out any of the above facts you have the time to check out.

So I did. The trial did end in a mistrial. However a mistrial does not result in innocence. It’s up to the prosecutors now to decide whether or not to seek another trial.

Here’s the thing. This guy is another armchair attorney who seems to think he knows what libel is. Nothing I posted was libelous. Everything I posted had been reported in the media and I linked to the media sources I used.

However claiming that the Michigan State Police lied and the mother had child abuse claims against her could be construed as being libelous. So I think that I’m not the one that should be searching for an attorney.

Look, if you want me to remove a post it’s not that hard. You just need to be nice and not threaten me with libel. The second is to provide proof. So if you have proof and ask nicely I will remove a post. However if you threaten me legal claims that are not based in reality I’m likely not to remove the post and bring more attention to the situation in question.

Michigan brothers use blow torch on boy’s anus

Police: Man Burned Child’s Behind With Torch:

2 Charged With Burning Child With Blowtorch:

For those of you that read my other site this story may seem like a repeat and it is. The difference this time is that biological genetics have been established. Notice I didn’t say parenting. That would mean someone acted like a parent.

Anyway brothers from Clare, Michigan, Gerald T. Hall, 36, and Glen Leslee Hall, 43, were arrested for using a blow torch on a 6-year-old boys anus because he soiled himself. The boy received 2md and 3rd degree burns. The pair allegedly took turns using the blow torch on the boy. The boy is Gerald Hall’s son. Both hospital staff and the boy’s mother called police.

How in the hell do people keep coming up with this crap? How does their mental process work to think that this is a good idea? I am absolutely flabbergasted on this one.

I’m looking forward to the creative ways of justice my readers and commenters will think up for this one.

Thanks to Jill who sent me the original tip and Shari who sent me the follow up.