Registered sex offender ran ‘business’ on MySpace

Attorney General Arrests Sex Offender Running “Exotic Dancer” Business Through

I don’t think the AG arrested him personally but you get the idea.

Anyway, 34-year-old Clarence Augustine of Dallas, TX was arrested for running a ‘modeling and exotic dancer’ *cough*hookers*cough* service through MySpace called Erotiq Entertainment.

To make matters worse Augustine is a registered sex offender. He was sent to jail in 1999 for three years for sexually assaulting an underage girl. Then after his release he didn’t comply to his required sex offender registration requirements.

A sex offender re-offending. Who would have thought? What ‘they’ need to do is start making SO colonies kind of like the leper colonies of old. This way everyone will know where they are at all times.