Man trades 5 cases of beer for sex with underage girl

Va. man nabbed in Craigslist sex sting; drawn in by fake ad:

Claude Philip Diehl Jr., of Hollywood, Virginia was arrested for allegedly trying to trade beer and cash for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Diehl allegedly responded to an ad on craigslist that read in part “Leftover Halloween candy? “Anyone have candy to donate to ‘girl’ so she’s not sad anymore?” The ad was in the casual encounters section. You know, one of the many un-moderated sections of craigslist.

Diehl allegedly worked for a beer distributor and promised the father who was pimping out his daughter $40 and 5 cases of beer. He showed up for the tryst with the beer and the cash, condoms and a Miley Cyrus CD. Luckily when the beer was placed in the father’s truck it turns out the father was part of the Leesburg, Virginia police force and promptly arrested Diehl.

Luckily this was all a sting operation and there was no 13-year-old girl however it shows a couple of things. First, while this ad was a fake it shows that there are people out there whoring out their kids on craigslist. The second thing is that if craigslist’s user policing works as well as they claim this ad should have never seen the light of day. And Lastly Jim Buckmaster can’t claim that this has happened in newspaper advertisements. I don’t think any self-respecting newspaper would have ever run an ad like that.

I am dying of curiosity to know what kind of beer it was.