Georgia Breeder blows a .392 BAC

Clayton mom blows .392%, charged with DUI:

Mom Accused Of Drunken Driving With Kids In Car:

A little bit more than a year ago I posted two stories where two different Breeders blew a .39% blood alcohol content. That’s just a hair below 5 times the legal limit. When I made the first post I said that I doubt we would ever see the day where those records would be broken. I was wrong. Today is that day.

In Clayton County, Georgia 28-year-old Cierra Baughcum allegedly blew a .392% and the story is one for the ages.

She was allegedly driving around this plastered with her 4 and 6-year-old children in the car unrestrained. Police and witnesses say that she plowed through a chain link fence into a picnic area in a mobile home park destroying two tables. She then drove out on to the highway going in the wrong direction before quickly pulling back into the trailer park where she crashed into the stairs of the park’s office stairs. Ta-da.

Did I forget to mention that this all took place around 4pm? So not only could she have killed her own kids but only by the grace of God did she not kill anybody else’s kids. So to be that drunk by 4pm how much do you have to drink and what time of the morning do you start?

Anyway for her massively reckless and idiotic feat Baughcum now sits atop the BB BAC Board.


100 years for man who poisoned his kids in extortion scheme

100-Year Sentence For Dad Who Poisoned Kids:

William Cunningham of Clayton County, Georgia received the maximum sentence of 100 years for poisoning his own children. In 2006 Cunningham fed his 18-month-old daughter and 3-year-old son a deadly combination of prescription drugs, lighter fluid and Campbell Soup. His plan was to get his kids either sick or killed and then try and squeeze some money of the Campbell Soup Company.

Luckily the kids survived but they now have scarred lungs from being force fed the lighter fluid from the concoction and will more than likely have lifelong breathing problems.

I still can’t understand the type of person whose brain is so broken that they would put a price on their own children’s heads.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.