Egyptian man killed in Cleveland OfferUp robbery

Egyptian man killed in Cleveland OfferUp robbery

Hesham Kamel

(Story broke 8/4/2017)

You can’t help but be a little heartbroken when you read this quote from a article on the murder of 52-year-old Hesham Kamel.

An Egyptian immigrant who moved his family to Ohio for a safer, better life was shot and killed Thursday night in Cleveland.

Mr. Kamel was trying to sell his car on the classifieds app OfferUp. He went from his home in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, to Cleveland in order to meet the buyers. When he got there witnesses say he was approached by four men. A scuffle ensued which resulted in Mr. Kamel being shot. He later died from his injuries at a nearby hospital. According to Mr. Kamel’s family, the buyers changed the location at the last minute. Anytime a buyer or seller wants to change the location at the last minute, back out. It’s not worth the risk. It’s very sad that he escaped the upheaval in Egypt only to be gunned down by a few American thugs. We’re supposed to be better than that.

At last check, police are still looking for suspects…

Anyone with information is being asked to call investigators at 216-623-5464.

To my knowledge this is the first murder facilitated through the OfferUp app, which to me, shows most of the classifieds apps and websites are still inherently unsafe.

Cleveland Kik kreeper sentenced for child porn charges (GRAPHIC)

Cleveland Kik kreeper sentenced for child porn charges (GRAPHIC)

Brian Keeling

(Story broke 6/15/2017)

34-year-old Brian Keeling, of Cleveland, Ohio, is a grade-A scumbag. He was recently sentenced to 26 years in federal prison for trading child porn on the mobile messaging app Kik. The way he engaged in his sick habit is so disturbing, I’m putting the rest of this post behind the cut as some people may find it too graphic. You have been warned.
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Lovely college girl with a thing for older men was a 14-year-old girl on Backpage

Ronnie Pratt Jr.

Just because Backpage has been dealt a serious financial blow doesn’t mean they’re down for the count just yet. They’re still collecting money for the children being sold into sexual slavery on their site.

In Cleveland, 22-year-old Ronnie Pratt Jr. was arrested for allegedly turning out a 14-year-old girl on Backpage for the purposes of prostitution. When interviewed by the FBI the victim said that she had been working for Pratt since she was 13. Pratt allegedly advertised her on Backpage as “lovely college girl” who has a “thing for older men.” Federal investigators saw the ad and though the girl looked a little young. Apparently they were right.

While Backpage may not be allowed to accept credit card payments anymore they are still accepting cash, check, money order and bitcoin so we can’t relax just yet. We can’t rest until Backpage is no longer making any kind of money off the women and children who being trafficked on their site.

UPDATE 10/1/2016: Pratt was convicted back in June and was recently sentenced to 14 years in federal prison.

Ohio craigslist child sex seeker busted

Timothy Rogers

Timothy Rogers

Akron man charged with trying to meet young girls for sex:

Man pleads not guilty for posting family sex ad on Craigslist:

For those of you who still think that craigslist is some kind of hippy love fest where no gets hurt not only should you pull your head out of your ass but this story should just be one of many that should change your mind about that.

The Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force noticed an ad on craigslist that was entitled ‘Mother-Daughter, Father-Son Taboo.’ For those of you who may not know the lingo that means that the poster of the ad was more than likely looking for a parent that was more than willing to sell their kids for sex. At least that’s what the alleged poster of the ad, 24-year-old Timothy Rogers of Akron, was hoping.

Investigators in Cleveland set up a sting where they say Rogers was looking to meet with a father who had two daughters, ages 6 and 12, that Rogers was going to have sex with. Thankfully the father was actually an investigator with the ICAC and Rogers was arrested.

Now like I’ve said before if one person has been arrested for wanting to meet a parent so he could have sex with their kids that means it is going on in other locations through craigslist. Yet craigslist still refuses to monitor the personals and casual encounters sections where these crimes take place.

Is this the classifieds site you really want to use?

UPDATE 4/29/2012: Rogers was sentenced to 6 1/2 years behind bars. Again, not nearly enough.

Renee Lester locked her adopted kids in the dark

Renee Lester

Family Members Outraged by Childrens’ Alleged Abuse:

Woman Accused of Locking Up and Abusing Children:

Cleveland woman accused of mistreating foster children is out of jail:

46-year-old Renee Lester of Cleveland, Ohio was arrested last week for allegedly committing severe abuse against her 3 adopted children. She is said to have kept them locked in an attic with all the lighting removed or the basement again with all the lighting removed. The children have also said that Lester beat the children, ages 12, 12, 10, as well.

The kids were not allowed to use the bathroom at night and when they were locked in the basement police say there was a motion detector set up on the basement toilet to keep the kids from using it.

Occasionally they were allowed to sleep in a bedroom but the door had double locks and only a single mattress. The rest of the time the kids were forced to sleep in the attic or basement with no bedding.

The kids actually are Lester’s sister’s. She is a former drug addict who articles say has been clean for 6 years and wants the children back. To make it worse Lester has 4 of her own biological children who are said to have been treated wuite well actually and the house is in pretty good order, you know, outside of the kids that are being locked away like the girl in the pit from Silence of the Lambs.

Other family members say that they have called Children’s Services at least 10 times to no avail. Two Children’s Services employees have been placed on leave, no word if it’s unpaid or not.

Letser allegedly treated the children this way because they….wait for it….we’ve heard this one before….they stole from her. What the hell could three children possibly steal to receive that kind of punishment. Hell, carjackers don’t receive that kind of harsh punishment.

If she put more effort into actually taking care of them instead of setting up elaborate prisons for them she could have been mother of the year. Now she’s just another useless Breeder.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Andreia Huffman and Jason Dunikowski bound their son to a coffee table

Parents arrested after child found tied to table in Cleveland home, police say:

We seem to be on an Ohio kick lately. No offense to my Ohio readers but I always thought that it was a battle between Ohio and Michigan to see who is the Florida of the Midwest.

Anyway those Angry Breeders, not to be confused with Angry Beavers, are 37-year-old Andreia Huffman and her husband 32-year-old Jason Dunikowski. If you’re having trouble telling which one is which I believe Huffman is the one without the beard but don’t quote me on that.

Anyway the steamed couple from Cleveland have been arrested for allegedly tying their 8-year-old son to a coffee table. He was found there by police with a broken nose. His hands and feet were bound with duct tape while a shoelace was around his neck. There were eight other children in the house ranging in ages from 3-17. Luckily one of them called police.

While police were arresting them the 8-year-old pointed to a board wrapped and duct tape and told police that was what they used to beat him.

And when Huffman was asked why she didn’t take the child to the hospital she allegedly replied “Just because I didn’t.”

I bet the duct tape was placed on the board not to cushion the blow but for the breeders to get a better grip.

Thanks to Holly for the tip.

Cleveland woman leaves toddler home alone with empty feeding tube

Cleveland mother arrested after leaving 2-year-old home alone:

28-year-old Valencia Davis of Cleveland, Ohio was arrested on child endangerment charges. Davis has a 2-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy and requires a feeding tube. Davis is accused of leaving the girl home alone hooked up to an empty feeding tube.

The girl’s father has a restraining order against him barring him from the house but was concerned for the child’s safety and went inside anyway.

Officers found the 2-year-old unresponsive, with dried mucus on her face, and living in filthy conditions, the report said. Officers searched the house and did not find any food, except for cereal strewn on the floor.

And now for the best part. Davis arrived home while everyone was waiting for the paramedics and yelled at the baby daddy for calling police. Davis claims that she’s the victim and that there was nothing wrong of leaving the girl home alone.

The ignorance of some of these Breeders never ceases to amaze me.

However I am installing a new feature here at PBB that I’ve used at other sites. Direct from the PBB Department of Poetic Justice give a big hand for What ‘They’ Should Do.

What ‘They’ Should Do: ‘They should starve Davis and keep a nice big all you can eat buffet just out of reach of her grubby paws.

Child dies of cancer but dog gets flea dip

Parents Charged With Ignoring Cancer-Stricken Son’s Pleas for Treatment:

The parents of 8-year-old Willie Robinson of Cleveland, Ohio have been indicted on involuntary manslaughter charges in Willie’s March 2008 death.

It seems that Willie had Hodgkin’s lymphoma which is one of if not the most treatable form of cancer. Willie begged his Breeders, William Robinson Sr. and Monica Hussing, to take him to a doctor but they refused.

They claim they didn’t have the money to take him to a doctor but had no problems spending $87 to get their dog a flea dip. Guess what kind of dog it was. That’s right, a pit bull. And people wonder why I think that mostly trashy people own pit bulls.

Think about that for a second. These lowlifes cared more for a pit bull than they did their own cancer stricken son.

Thanks to Stacey for the tip.

Cleveland area predators

Broadview Heights men accused of raping girls met on MySpace:

CLEVELAND — Two Broadview Heights men are accused of raping young girls they met on the web site MySpace.

Channel 3 News first told you about 21-year-old Albert Azolino back in March.

He is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old Strongsville student lured to his home through internet chat.

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason says Azolino and 33-year-old friend Timothy Norman face rape, unlawful sexual contact with minors, and pandering charges.

The prosecutor warns parents to be leery of the kids spending time on this web site.

“It’s like a catalogue for predators,” Mason said. “It’s got the pictures of the kids so anybody who wants to get online — they go on to, look at the pictures and click on it. Up comes the profile of the person they just click on.”

Mason says the suspects would offer alcohol to the kids then photograph them during sex acts.

If convicted the two could face life in prison.

I was unable to find the MySpaces of either suspect. If you know of them please let me know.