Paramedic posts crash scene pics on MySpace

Paramedic Puts Pictures Of People’s Injuries On Web:

Kentucky paramedic John Snow is in hot water for posting crash scene pictures on his MySpace.

The board of directors for the Clinton, Kentucky ambulance service calls John Snow’s actions disappointing, crossing the line when it comes to the victim’s and their families privacy.

The pictures have been removed from the popular web site myspace.

John Snow admitted to posting pictures of 3 victims involved in accidents his ambulance service responded to. Two people who were injured and one man that didn’t survive. But sources tell us there were more pictures of other victims from the small community.

Snow says he didn’t intend to hurt anyone, and says he didn’t identify anyone in the picture, only showing a close shot of the victims injuries.

Anna Prendergast, “But do you see in a small community how someone could probably put two and two together?”

And they did, families of some of the victims had already caught word of the graphic pictures of their loves ones before we were on the story.

The ambulance board scheduled a meeting Tuesday night to decide what actions they plan to take.

The state has been notified and is investigating to determine if any Hippa laws were violated.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with HIPAA they are the laws that regulate the privacy of your medical information in the U.S. And take it from someone who works in the medical field the government does not take these laws lightly.

If you check Mr. Snow’s MySpace he has a blog entry that just says “I thought this was a semi-free country?”. It is Mr. Snow but once your actions infringe on the rights of others you can expect a little trouble.

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