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All Crime Is Personal

I received the following e-mail from reader Ervin about his job serach on craigslist…

I have posted my resume on Craigslist and you wouldn’t believe all the scam job offer’s that are emailed to me daily. I finally did get a local legitimate job in my field (I started today and was called by the Director of Manufacturing to interview last week). I am glad that I was able to get this job. But, these scammer’s have sunk to new lows by using the Coca-Cola name to scam people now. Were you aware of this new scam? I am going to
paste it for you to share below.
Thank you,
Here it is:
Monday, November 17, 2008 12:23 AM
From:”Admin Admin”
Dear Sir/Ma
You’re Ref: 2810/04/TF-ATW
Coca – Cola Company offer you the position of offshore financial manager
This is to inform you that after critical and proper review of your new contact email address, we are please to inform you that you have met the requirements needed for the post of Payment Officer / Book Keeper with The Coca – Cola Company.
Furthermore, Your duties as the Payment Officer / Book Keeper is to collect payments from our numerous customers within your region, process the payments, deduct 20% of the amount issued to you as your personal bonus and you transfer the rest of the funds to our main account officer whose information will be provided to you in due time.
This Job position is Temporary and does not require a specific work time frame. All payments will be mailed directly to you via your mailing /contact address. This position became necessary when lots of payments is being received from various customers from different regions / states within the United States and Canada per day and it became very tedious to process and sort, as a result of this, the search for representatives to sort / process payments on behalf of the company became highly necessary.If you are interested in this Job offer…kindly get back with the following information written below as soon as possible:
All respond or question should be email to the company private email
FULL NAMES: _________________________________
DATE OF BIRTH:_________________________________
COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE:___________________________
MARITAL STATUS:_________________________________
HOME ADDRESS (Where payment will be sent to)
ZIP CODE:_________________________________
TELEPHONE NUMBER(S):___________________________
Thank you very much and we anticipate your working with The Coca – Cola
The Coca – Cola Company Information Systems, Inc.
Computer Systems Division
Sam Williams.

They also included a website that identified Coke as being at a thecoca-colacompany URL. Coke’s actual URL is And I’m pretty sure that a major corporation like Coke wouldn’t send out an e-mail that said “we are please to inform you.” I don’t think Coke would use Hotmail addresses either. This is just the phony check scam in a fake red and white package.