Colin Mckenzie-Gude’s arsenal

Photos Show Teen’s Bomb-making Materials:

Check out the pictures on the link of Colin Mckenzie-Gude’s arsenal. It doesn’t look all that impressive until you get to the last picture of all the guns. That’s an impressive arsenal.

If you’ll recall Mckenzie-Gude was not only busted with said arsenal but a list of his former teachers was also found not to mention a map of President Bush’s route to Camp David and forged CIA documents.

The article talks about President Obama however Obama was not yet president when Mckenzie-Gude was busted.

His lawyer states that he’s a good kid who is just fascinated with guns and explosives. Kind of the same way the Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth were I’m sure.

McKenzie-Gude pleads to carjacking

Teen Charged in Bomb Probe Makes Plea:

In case you’ve forgotten Colin McKenzie-Gude is the kid from Bethesda, Maryland who is accused of not only plotting an attack against his former teachers but also possibly against then President George W. Bush. He was found to be in possession of explosives, ammunition and forged CIA documents among other things.

One of his lesser crimes was that he tried to carjack a 78-year-old man in order to make his escape. He’s pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor attempted carjacking charge. No word on what the sentence for that will be.

His trial on the other charges is set for early August.

Teen in DC area plot may be charged as adult

Prosecutors Want Teen Tried as Adult in Bomb Case:

Prosecutors in Maryland want to charge the 17-year-old cohort of Colin McKenzie-Gude as an adult.

If you’ll recall McKenzie-Gude was found to be in possession of guns, explosives, fake CIA identification, a list of addresses of his former teachers from St. John’s College High School, and a map of the motorcade that President Bush takes to Camp David.

The 17-year-old’s attorney said that they hope they can reach a resolution that will allow him to move on with his life. I’m sure they will if they mean life in the federal pen.

McKenzie-Gude indicted

Teen Accused of Possessing Bomb Materials Faces Federal Charges:

Our favorite would be presidential assassin is back in the news. 18-year-old Colin McKenzie-Gude was indicted on federal charges this past Friday.

If you’ll recall not only was he found to be in possession of illegal firearms and explosives but he was also found with addresses to teachers’ houses of his former high school, a map that the president’s motorcade takes to Camp David, and forged documents that showed McKenzie-Gude as a government agent.

McKenzie-Gude’s lawyer is trying to make the other teen that was arrested the scapegoat by alleging that it was the other teen that purchased the guns with his mother’s credit card. That doesn’t change the fact that McKenzie-Gude was in possession of them and all the other items.

Are they trying for the ‘he was holding it for a friend’ defense?

McKenzie-Gude to remain in jail

Collin McKenzie-Gude

Collin McKenzie-Gude

Investigators: Md. Teen to Stay in Jail on Explosives Charges:

You remember Colin McKenzie-Gude don’t you? He’s the 18-year-old from Bethesda, MD who was found with guns, explosives addresses of teachers from St. John’s College High School, and the President’s motorcade route to Camp David.

He’s staying put in a Maryland jail because his parent’s put up their house as bond but it wasn’t enough.

McKenzie-Gude’s attorney says he wants to resolve the case before it goes to trial.

McKenzie-Gude himself says that he’s not a danger to the President or anyone else. Right, I’m sure the addresses, explosives, and map were for invitations to an elaborate fireworks display.

Would be school shooter or presidential assassin?

Maryland Teen Allegedly Had Weapons, Map of Camp David:

Not only did our good friend Collin Matthew McKenzie-Gude have a cache of weapons, explosives, teachers’ addresses and forged credentials he also had a map of President Bush’s motorcade to Camp David.

The CIA and DOD are now being brought into the investigation.

You’re now in some deep shit son.

I can only imagine the freaks that this revelation is going to pull out of the woodwork.

Md. suspect charged with carjacking

Man, 18, in firearms case faces carjacking charge:

The kid from Bethesda, Maryland who may or may not have been trying to shoot his teachers is now accused of another crime, carjacking.

Colin McKenzie-Gude is alleged to have carjacked a 78-year-old man at mall last week.

According to this article McKenzie-Gude carjacked the man on the same day police tried to question him about the plot. His lawyer states this was not an attempt to flee. Uh-huh. Right.

Anyway, there’s also a dispute of when the crime for the explosives charge happened. The other suspect, the unnamed 17-year-old, has changed his story saying they detonated the explosives in November not July. If that is true McKenzie-Gude could be charged as a juvenile because that would have made him 17 at the time.

Accused teen had fake CIA ID, map of motorcade :

McKenzie-Gude also had ‘forged’ CIA identification and another fake ID that said he was Michael Landry, a U.S. contractor with protections from the Geneva Conventions.

So now he’s now probably looking at federal charges too.

Possible plot in Maryland

Teen in Gun Raid Had Teacher List:

What do you get when you take a cache of illegally purchased guns add some explosive devices and throw in a list of teachers’ names and addresses? You get 18-year-old Colin McKenzie-Gude of Bethesda, Maryland.

It’s unknown yet if this was some kind of murder or school shooting plot. However McKenzie-Gude’s cache consisted of weapons that were bought by his father for him that are illegal for someone under 21 to own under Maryland law. His father, 62-year-old Joseph L. Gude, was also arrested for buying his son the illegal weapons.

What muddles things up is that McKenzie-Gude was on the rifle team for St. John’s College High School, a private school in Washington, D.C. The addresses for the teachers were all from St. John’s.

Then there’s the bomb making materials for which a second teen was also arrested. The second teen is an unnamed 17-year-old from Gaithersburg, MD. It’s alleged that the 17-year-old and McKenzie-Gude detonated homemade explosive devices in the woods.

And in case you were wondering how much explosives were found…

Detectives also recovered 50 pounds of chemicals, several gallons of liquid material and components that can be used to make homemade explosives, according to the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service.

Too many coincidents if you ask me.

I’ll bring more to you as details become available and as time permits.