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James Holmes is no friend to mental illness

James Holmes

James Holmes

After his arrest for the movie theater murders in Aurora, Colorado, a number of James Holmes fangirls showed up on the internet, mostly Tumblr, because…well…it’s Tumblr. Having dealt with a murder groupie or two in my time I wrote about the self-proclaimed ‘Holmies’ here.

With his recent conviction this article from Slate by Amanda Hess revisits with the Holmies to see if their attitude has changed towards their mass-murdering heartthrob. Surprisingly it has but not necessarily for the better. A number of them now see him as some sort of martyr for mental illness in this country. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety on a daily basis let me make it clear that in no way, shape or form should this assclown be used as the poster boy for mental illnesses. To do so would be wrong for a number of different reasons.

First to portray him as some sort of sympathetic figure is akin to excusing him for the brutal murders of 12 innocent people. Secondly, there’s enough of a stigma against mental illnesses already that this would make people think that anyone with even the slightest psychological defect is a potential mass murderer. Lastly and most importantly it would further discourage people suffering from a mental illness from seeking treatment lest they be thought a danger to those around them.

If you want to make anyone the spokesperson for mental illness and treatment make it the person who suffers in silence since no one around them can understand how they’re feeling and who receive advice like “Have you tried not being depressed?” by people who don’t know any better.

New Colorado law makes schools liable for school shootings


Recently the state of Colorado passed a law that would make the schools themselves financially liable for school shootings.

Lawsuits would be limited to $350,000 per victim or $900,000 per incident when there are serious injuries or deaths from violence and the school is accused of negligence.

This legislation was born out of one incident and that was the shooting at Arapahoe High School where Karl Pierson shot and killed Claire Davis before taking his own life. Claire Davis’ parents believe that the school knew Pierson was a threat and failed to do anything about it.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper had this to say…

“Certainly for our children to learn and to grow, we need to make sure that we ensure their safety,” Hickenlooper said moments before signing the bill at the state Capitol.

While I feel for the friends and families of all school shooting victims this law will do nothing to keep children safe. It is nothing more than what I call ‘feel good legislation’ devised mainly to look good in the press and to get politicians re-elected. For example see my posts on Roy Cooper and Richard Blumenthal.

Think of all the school shooters since the late 90s. Could any of them have been deemed a threat by the school before their acts of violence? Only peripherally at best. That opens up a whole other can of worms. Now schools could go overboard in naming students as potential threats. That in turn could lead to more lawsuits by parents whose precious snowflakes were deemed threats.

Also does this law hold the school liable when the shooters are from outside the school like an Adam Lanza or a Charles Carl Roberts IV? Colorado has had at least two of these incidents where adult shooters Bruco Eastwood and Duane Morrison fired on schools.

In my opinion this law will only cause more problems and will not make our children any safer.

Remains of Amy Ahonen found

Remains of Amy Ahonen, missing since 2011, located, family confirms:

Family: Remains of missing Denver woman, Amy Ahonen, found in 2 locations in metro Denver:

Amy Ahonen

Amy Ahonen

The family of Amy Ahonen has said that Amy’s remains have been found in two separate parts of the Denver area. She went missing back in 2011 under mysterious circumstances.

At the time of her disappearance Amy’s sister said that Amy placed an ad for a roommate on craigslist and that a guy who responded to the ad made her fear for her safety. Since that time I have not heard whether or not police have investigated that avenue. So far no arrests have been made in Amy’s disappearance.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Amy’s family and friends.

Another craigslist killer arrested, a year after the crime

Billy Joe Delacey

Billy Joe Delacey

Vet accused of killing male escort:

Hatfield man accused of murdering male escort in Colorado:

33-year-old Billy Joe Delacey of Hatfield, Pennsylvania has been arrested for the August 2011 murder of 26-year-old Luis Alberto Vasquez Oliva in Mesa County, Colorado. Delacey allegedly solicited the male on male massage that was being offered by Oliva on craigslist. Police believe that the pair met for sex where Delacey paid Oliva $100 even though no sex ever took place. Instead Oliva was killed by blunt force trauma to the back of the head.

Police say that the only person that arranged to meet Oliva on the day that he was killed was someone who called themselves ‘Billy’ and a picture that was sent to the victim’s phone resembled that of Delacey. Delacey tried to be slick about the murder too. He gave several stories about where he was at the time of the murder, none of which proved to be true. He also refused to take a polygraph test and told friends he was leaving Colorado because he was shipping out. Delacey hadn’t been active in the military since 2008. Where he really shipped out to was his folks’ place in Pennsylvania where he supposedly told them that he was only under investigation for ‘piracy’. I don’t see how that can be considered piracy except that he stole a man’s life, allegedly. Also not totally suspicious was that police say that Delacey downloaded a program called “Evidence Eliminator” mere hours before police first contacted him. Since police know this I’m guessing the program didn’t work very well. Child porn was allegedly found on the computer as well which Delacey is said to have claimed he stole from his neighbor.

Ladies and gentlemen, this may just be the guiltiest person to ever have lived without killing someone in front of a dozen witnesses.

But again this goes to show two things that I’ve been saying for a while. Even with craigslist shutting down their erotic services section the human sex trade is still alive on craigslist and needs to be monitored. The second is if you meet anyone from craigslist in the real world you are literally and without hyperbole taking your life in your own hands.

I think the list of craigslist killers now hovers around 20 at least. One of these days I’ll finally get around to having a page that lists them all.

Holmies: A new breed of murder groupies

James Holmes

James Holmes

‘Holmies for life’: Shocking pictures reveal sick online fans of Dark Knight massacre gunman James Holmes who wear his favourite clothes:

A Guide To The Dark World Of James Holmes Internet Fandom:

Murder groupies are nothing new to me. I’ve been writing about them since roughly the first day I put keyboard to text field. I originally posted about the mutants. A term I use about the people who either idolize or sympathize with school shooters, mostly the Columbine cowards Harris and Klebold. Then a few years later I started writing about the fans of convicted tripe child murderer Damien Echols of the West Memphis 3. So it came as no shock to me that there are now fans of Aurora theater mass murdering scumbag James Holmes. They’ve even already named themselves. They call themselves “Holmies’.

Murder fandom is nothing new. I don’t know who the first murdering coward was that received a piece of fan mail but it’s been going on as long as I can remember. Women have written love letters to Ted Bundy. The Menendez brothers both got married while serving life terms for killing their parents. Also I’ve known way too many people who were really into Charles Manson. But just because it’s not new it doesn’t make it any less disturbing.

The ‘Holmies’ are mostly teenage girls who think that Holmes is hot. I guess if you’re into Ronald McDonald but whatever. Like most teenage girls they show their adoration for Holmes with pictures and letters that they’ve posted on the internet. They have group forums and chat rooms where they talk about the crushes that they have on him. It’s like how most teenage girls show their obsessions with their favorite pop star but instead their idol is a mass murdering psychopath. They also wear plaid and drink Slurpees in homage of Holmes since he was allegedly arrested in a plaid shirt and he talked about owning a Slurpee machine when he was younger. I would imagine some of them have even dyed their hair like Holmes.

Too many kids today in our society have no moral compass. They’re told that everyone is special and that there is no right or wrong. It’s all about what they want at any given time. And don’t give me any crap about these kids or even Holmes being an outcast. When I was a kid there wasn’t hardly anyone who was more of an outcast than I was and my attention was never drawn once to serial killers or mass murderers. To these kids I say this is wrong. This is not a good or even a safe thing to do. By proclaiming a public love for someone who took the lives of 12 innocent people and sent dozens more to the hospital will invite nothing but trouble on you. To their parents I say pay closer, or any, attention to your kids. If they’re a ‘Holmie’ do your damn job as a parent and put a stop to it. As I always like to say, you’re their parent first and their friend second.

I wonder how long it will be before one of these ‘Holmies’ gets locked up for plotting or committing their own crime.

Trench on the Aurora shooting Part 2: Celebrities


Just a little something I left out of my last rant about Aurora.

Why is the media insistent on interviewing the entire cast and crew of Dark Knight Rises about the shooting? Have we become so shallow and celebrity obsessed in this country that we have to hang on every word that they utter?

While Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway may be talented in their respective field unless they have actually something to contribute to the conversation on Aurora I don’t care what they have to say about it. They weren’t there, they’re just actors, they have nothing to do with this tragedy other than being shown on a screen when it happened.

I’m not saying that they don’t have the right to offer their opinion on the tragedy, I’m saying that in a time like this the last people we or the media should be looking to are actors.

Trench on the Aurora shooting


I’m not here to blog about the shooting per se. I’m waiting for one more crucial piece of evidence before doing so. Something that I wish more people and journalists would do. What I am going to blog about is the reaction by the media and others.

First off the media needs to stop comparing this tragedy to Columbine. I don’t see it. The only things that the two tragedies have in common is that a lot of people died and they happened in Colorado. To make that comparison is irresponsible journalism and is just tabloid tactics. Every time a shooting happens in Colorado you don’t have to immediately go and interview the families that were affected by Columbine. I bet some Denver area journalists have them on speed dial.

The second thing I want to talk about are all the people who say that if the citizens of Colorado were allowed to carry concealed firearms that this shooting would have been prevented and I say that’s a load of crap. First off the citizens of Colorado are allowed to carry concealed weapons. All they need to do is pay a fee, pass a background check and take a firearms training course. That does not make a person who qualifies for conceal and carry qualified on what to do in a high pressure situation like that.

James Holmes was equipped with a riot gear helmet and a bulletproof vest. Are you going to try to tell me that a few yahoos with C&C permits would have acted in such a manner that they would have been able to take down Holmes without injuring or killing civilians? In a perfect world maybe but this world is far from perfect.

I’m a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment even though I don’t choose to own guns myself. The problem with the 2nd Amendment isn’t the Amendment itself but the fact that the people who are its most vocal supporters usually barely have enough education on how to use firearms properly. It’s out there but too many people think they know it all already.

Colorado does have the death but I think they have only executed one person since 1976. I hope that changes for the cowardly scumbag James Holmes.

Here’s a great article on the shooting from one of the few journalists I actually respect, Dave Cullen.

Lastly I think what 9/11 did to airports the Aurora shooting will do to movie theaters.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of the victims in this tragedy.

Backpage responds to Colorado indictments, again through their lawyer


Backpage.com response to John Suthers’s announcement of human-trafficking indictment:

No sooner than after I pressed the publish button on my last blog post about the 70 count indictment on a Colorado backpage child sex ring did I get notification that backpage has responded to the indictment. And just like they did on the Detroit murders, they did so through their legal counsel, Steve Suskin. Or as I have dubbed him head legal weasel Slimy McMouthpiece.

Here is the entire response posted on the Village Voice Media owned Westword…

January 31, 2012 Backpage was appalled by the news that criminals in Colorado had so brazenly exploited underaged victims. Backpage commends the efforts of Colorado law enforcement in apprehending, arresting and indicting the perpetrators.
Backpage turned over more than 700 pages of evidence regarding this case to law enforcement in response to a Lakewood Police Department subpoena before the suspects were arrested. We have advised the police today that — based on information in the police subpoena — we have determined that the alleged victims were also advertised in 100 different ads on 15 other web sites. We doubt that any of these other sites cooperated with the police as promptly or as thoroughly as Backpage did.

Backpage has been outspoken in its support for efforts to stop such heinous crimes on the Internet by predators who misuse sites such as Facebook, Craigslist, Backpage and other classified and social networking sites.

We continue to invest millions of dollars in human, technological and other resources to detect and report suspected child predators and to help law enforcement apprehend and prosecute them. And we will continue to cooperate with Lakewood police as they investigate and prosecute this case.

However, we respectfully disagree with the idea put forth by Attorney General John Suthers that taking down Internet pages will help to prevent these crimes. Backpage operates a legal business and complies with state and federal laws. Not only were the alleged victims advertised on at least fifteen other web sites, the suspects and the alleged victims all had Facebook pages.

The Attorney General’s indictment specifically mentions Facebook three different times, but it does not mention Backpage once. We think it unfair that Backpage is singled out by Mr. Suthers in news-media interviews, given our cooperation with law enforcement and successful record of interdicting such terrible crimes and helping the police rescue the victims. We are disappointed that Mr. Suthers ignored the voluminous adult content that still exists on Craigslist today before making a comment that he hoped Backpage “would do something radical like Craigslist,” which took down its Adult Services section in 2010. Had he looked at a recent edition of Craigslist, he would have seen that Craigslist’s adult services ads have migrated to other sections of its pages and the trafficking problem persists on Craigslist, as any search for media reports of trafficking crimes linked to Craigslist demonstrates.

This should be ample proof to anyone that taking down Backpage’s Adult Section, or the entire site for that matter, would have zero impact on the Internet trafficking problem. The ads would be posted elsewhere, most likely a site that allows anonymous posts and doesn’t cooperate with law enforcement.

The Backpage classified service hosts 30 million posts and 100 million images annually in all categories and we do our best to provide a safe, legal environment for our customers to post classified ads. Yet Backpage represents a tiny fraction of the classified ads posted on thousands of web sites every day.

Backpage supports efforts to halt human trafficking and prevent violent crimes from being perpetrated on the Internet, but we think the responsible answer is to employ security strategies that work.

Backpage Adult Services section is well monitored 24/7, nudity is prohibited in our ads, and ads are rejected and reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children if they are suggestive of an underaged person. Backpage posts are not free, nor do we allow posters to be completely anonymous like other sites. We charge $1.00 to post in personals because it holds users accountable and provides useful information for law enforcement.

The bottom line for us is that we address the problem of Internet trafficking with strategies that work to interdict the crimes, not useless strategies that, while they might make good news copy and political rhetoric, don’t rescue anyone.

Steve Suskin, Legal Counsel
Village Voice Media

Again it’s the same old bullshit that they said when the women from Detroit turned up dead. They’re not appalled. They’re not really doing anything to stop women and children from being trafficked on their site and since other sites are doing they think it’s ok for them to do it too. All they care about it how much money they’re making off of these ads and they won’t get rid of the ads because they’re using the money to prop up a dying business.

I can’t see how anybody in good conscience can work for Village Voice Media. They’re nothing more than pimps by proxy and if you’re a VVM employee part of your paycheck is earned through the sexual slavery of the women and children being advertised on backpage.

70 count indictment handed down in Colorado Backpage child sex ring

Burns, Gow, McGowan and Ibarra-Gonzales

Burns, Gow, McGowan and Ibarra-Gonzales

Colorado AG announces indictment of 14 in child-sex ring:

14 accused of trafficking children for sex across Colorado:

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers recently announced a 70 count indictment against 14 suspects for allegedly prostituting five underage girls all throughout Colorado. As in most cases the victims were given drugs and threatened with violence so men could pay to rape them. And of course the victims were said to have been advertised on the Village Voice Media owned Backpage.com.

The ringleaders are said to be 22-year-old Patrick Lloyd McGowan, 20-year-old Chad Armand Gow, 20-year-old Roy Manuel Ibarra-Gonzales and 20-year-old Bryan Steven Burns. Investigators say the quartet also sold coke and meth in addition to selling children for sex. They are only facing 24 years in prison each. If history is any indicator we’ll be lucky if they get one-quarter of that sentence.

Think about this for a second. And I mean really think about it. The four of these scumbags ran a ring where they got underage girls coked out and tweaking then forced them to be violated by any perv who had the right amount of cash.

Why are more people not outraged about this? These are our daughters and sister being put out there like so much meat on Backpage and with the exception of maybe one reporter I can think of off the top of my head this news has not cracked the national media. What’s even worse is that very few lawmakers across this country are doing anything about it either.

It’s not just Colorado either, our children are being prostituted all over the country through Backpage and not only are they making millions of dollars off of these kids they say they won’t take the ads down because it’s a free speech issue. Who is looking out for the freedom of the children that are trafficked across the country every day? Definitely not the media nor the government.

And do you know how many johns were named in this indictment? One. As I’ve said before if lawmakers were serious about doing something about child prostitution and human trafficking not only would they have stiffer sentences for the pimps and traffickers but they would be throwing the johns in prison too. Instead what will happen is that most of these assclowns will end up cutting deals and hardly spending any time in prison. Meanwhile their victims will have to live with what they were forced to do for the rest of their lives no matter how or short they may be.

If you’re not outraged by this you either have no heart or you have no problem with young girls being repeatedly violated on a daily basis so the pimps and Backpage can make money.

Man arrested after offering $10K Facebook bounty on ex-girlfriend

Joshua Payne

Joshua Payne

Kentucky man offered $10,000 reward for help finding woman who fled from him:

There are few things more frightening for a woman then when she’s trying to escape an abuser. Even though you did nothing wrong you’re on the run like a criminal. Always looking over your shoulder afraid of your abuser finding you. It’s even worse if you have a child, always wondering if your child is safe while not in your immediate view. Now imagine that not only your abuser found you but finding out that someone you thought was a friend sold you out to your abuser. That’s what investigators say exactly happened in Longmont, Colorado.

Police say that 29-year-old Joshua Payne of Kentucky posted on his Facebook page that he would give anyone $10,000 for information leading to him finding his ex-girlfriend. His ex had fled Kentucky with her son to get away from Payne and with the assistance of a woman’s shelter she made her way to Longmont. She was in the process of changing her name and Social Security number in order to better hide from Payne.

Payne’s ex was befriended in Longmont by a woman named Madison Greenfield. She had told Greenfield all about Payne’s abuse and the fact that she fled with their son. Greenfield is said to have Googled information about Payne where she found his Facebook page and the $10K offer. Greenfield allegedly gave up the goods on the woman to Payne.

A witness tipped off police in Longmont and they tracked Payne as soon as he entered Colorado. He was arrested when police found him parked outside his ex’s building. Greenfield has also been arrested on charges of conspiracy.

Unfortunately the story isn’t over yet. Payne was able to post bond and is out walking the streets.

This coward shouldn’t have even been given bail in my opinion especially considering he had to cross multiple states to get to his ex. Things like restraining orders and pending court hearings do not stop violent abusing pussies like this.

I can only hope that the victim is under some kind of protective custody.

Thanks to Cynical Me for the tip.

UPDATE: Payne is back behind bars after being arrested on a Kentucky warrant for custodial interference.